Seedling Leaves Wilting

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  1. Help! My 2 week old seedling is beginning to die and I don't know why. I'm growing this seedling and a few others indoor under a 400w hps light and a few cfls. I think it may be nute burn as the made the mistake of using pre-fertilized miracle grow soil. This is my first indoor grow so I hardly know what i'm doing and any help I would really appreciate.


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  2. Seedling Mix is a good start, and forget the HPS for another 2-3 weeks, it's nute burn alright so flush with 3 times the volume of the pot with air temp. Ph neutral water, allow to recover in dim light 1 day nute for 2 weeks or until you see a recovery, keep warm and place under CFL's
  3. Thank you so much vostok. I just took out the hps and I would flush with neutral water, however, the soil has time released fertilizer so wouldn't flushing it just add more nutes?
  4. Not really,.. you are in fact, diluting the fertilizer impact in the root zone, allowing it to recover in dim light, is the photosynthetic motor is slowed enough for oxygen to adhere to the root zone, see flushing one time per month is a regular chore, and you will have very few issues I hate it myself, but the plants love it...ugh! 

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