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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GoatMouthB, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. aweed.jpg Seeds were put into grodan cubes and the sprouted on Christmas day. I put them under a 24 hour T5 on January 1st. Three days ago, I placed into larger grodan cubes (prepped in 5.5 water and then flushed with half-strength nutrients) and reduced the light to 18 on. 6 off and I started feeding the Mills nutrient regime, but at half strength (Part A, B, Rooter enhancer, CalMag, Hydroguard. I was already noticing some issues prior to this transplant. Lights are about 18" away, temp is a steady 72 degrees here. One or two leaves have a brown spot. larger leaves are turning yellow. What is wrong?

  2. Never ever ever ever use nutrients on seedlings. They are still babies. You can kill them that way.
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  3. Thank you. I just flushed them with pH 5.9 water. :(
  4. Flush all of that stuff out with ph'd water.
    no problem man. i am also in the seedling stage. i do not want you to waste your time when you just started.
  5. yeah sorry man you are doing too much. just normal water till they get at least 4 nodes before giving it nutes. they are very delicate in the seedling stage and it can kill them fast.
  6. Thank you, everyone. They've just been given pH6 water all week and look a lot better. I guess it's still too soon to start nutes? On roll it up dot com, people kept telling me to give them nutes, but obviously that was the issue or else they'd not be doing so well now. They still have dying leaves from the first near-tragedy, but look healthier and have new growth. IMG_1833.JPG IMG_1836.JPG
  7. they look healthy, i would put the light a lil closer if you are using CFL. you got lots of stretch.
  8. give a couple more days, like i said wait until the 4th node.
  9. Thank you. I will lower the T5 and wait for more nodes before I give nutes. I appreciate the help!
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  10. 1st week of veg
  11. Both of your plants look great.

  12. Thank you!
  13. Are your plants autos or photos?
  14. Photo
  15. awesome. i am growing photos myself. i have three Nitro Lemon Haze seedlings.
  16. good deal, we should track each others grows
  17. definitely man. i am going to follow you

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