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  1. Hey guys first post and first time extremely new too this. I got my seeds just from seedy weed I got from my buddy's grow. So was just doing it as a trial run before I spent money on feminized seeds i planted 11 2 have sprouted. One looks good but the other the leaf is curling very bad used same water for both. Not sure if it's normal for them being so young

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  2. You are growing infront of a window which causes the plant to stretch and create these small leaves. Add another light source or move them outside.

    Something I read somewhere on here which you can try is: get a bottle, cut it where the bottle's width starts to get even, place it over the seedling and water using a plant spray. This could also fix it but don't mark my words for it.

    Also transplant them in a bigger pot and place them a bit deeper to also get rid of the stretchy seedling, along with the light tip.
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  3. Placing them in a window is not a good idea - they will stretch like crazy, as you have already found out. If your going to use the sun for light, use outside direct sunlight. I suggest at this point that you prop them up somehow and when you transplant bury the stem to the cotyledons.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  4. A small flourescent fixture or just about any light in a 4000k or higher light temp will work for seedlings. Get them out the window, and they'll do much better.
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  5. Thank you guys. Ya I had them under light for like 6 hours then a guy I know told me to put them in the window sill shouldn't of listened. I'm going to go move them now. Definitely a lot to learn and seems like its going to be fun growing!

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