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  1. It's day 3 of my grow, 2nd day that two of the plants of been sprouted out from the peat pellets they were started in. I had soaked the peat pellets in distilled water, with a couple tiny drops of Superthrive mixed in. The Sugar Mango Ryder and 60 Day Wonder have already started showing their first true leaves, though the 60 Day Wonder's true leaves are a tad white at the tips. Any idea as to what this problem may be would be awesome. The humidity got a little high in the germination dome over night, I've brought it back down, and am just worried that I have caused irreversible damage.
  2. You should be fine, pictures would help. Why do you have them in a dome if there seedlings? I would just let them get fresh air and if u have a small fan set it up so the seedlings are dancing in the wind ever so slightly.
  3. They are just barely seedlings. I started the "wet paper towel" germination method on Thursday night, saw the first root tips Friday and put them into peat pellets in a tomato greenhouse. Yesterday two of the three broke soil and started showing their cotyledons. Today the AK-48 hasn't yet broken ground (mainly the reason I still had the dome on), and the other two, Sugar Mango Ryder and 60 Day Wonder, have started showing their first true leaves (man that happened fast), and the Sugar Mango Ryder is a bit droopy, while the 60 Day Wonder looks good except for the very tips of the middle "finger" of the first true leaves, each tip is a bit shriveled and white, though the rest of the leaves look good. I'm afraid it's mold from too high of humidity. After about 20 hours under 52w's of 6500k CFL, I have cracked the dome, and sealed up the tent. I am thinking giving them a good 4 hours of dark will help to alleviate some stress on them, and the dome being cracked will help some of the humidity escape.
  4. Either stay with 24hrs on or 18/6, changing the photo period would stress them more. I would get them out of the dome with a small fan on them, the stress was probably from the humidity.
  5. as mentioned, there's no need to change the photoperiod. seedlings don't need any nutes, not even superthrive (which i believe to be a complete waste of money.)
  6. Thanks for the input, I actually plan on having them on a 24/0 schedule under the cfl's for a week or so since they are all auto-flowering strains. I just figured letting the lights off them would give the hot humid air a chance to raise and let them breathe for a few hours.

    Again I appreciate your help very much, thank you :)
  7. Well if you do want to have your lights off for a few hours 20/4 would be fine for your plants.
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    Here are some pics of the babies. Pic 1 is Sugar Mango Ryder on the right, and 60 Day Wonder on the left. Pic 2 is 60 Day Wonder, with the white tips on the true leaves, idk how good the pic came out. Pic 3 is Sugar Mango Ryder.

    I omitted posting pics of the AK-48, since it hasn't even broken ground yet.

    -Update, I couldn't get the images to link so i just included the imageshack links to them.

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  9. :wave:

    Those guys look great :D
  10. Thanks :)

    I'm still wishing the AK would break ground, but those little white tips are scaring me, hopefully with the hps on they will dry out and get some oxygen in the roots.
  11. As far as I can tell I think it was overwatering in my case, the two I've corrected are looking beautiful, while the AK still hasn't broken ground at all :/
  12. I also have little white tips on the edges of my seedling first set of true leaves. I am pretty sure I burnt it with my lights though since my ph is fine and I dont use nutes yet. Im keeping it very cool and raised my lights a bit and hoping they make it through. Well good luck man I hope your babies pull through!
  13. Thanks. After a week of recovery they're looking much better. I'm about 90% certain that the white tips were caused by overwatering, possibly combined with the heat from my HPS that I used as a "climate control" device to get the humidity where I wanted it to be in my propogation dome. If it wasn't that though, it had to have been the superthrive I had initially added to the water used to expand my peat pellets. Though after taking measures to prevent both those possible causes of problems from occuring again, the girls are looking beautiful. I'm on my phone right now, but once I get to my computer I'll edit in a link to my grow journal, has some updated pictures from yesterday.

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