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    i know a grower who knows a grower who germinated some seeds and planted them in small containers, then transplanted the visibly sprouting ones into larger containers.

    but he realized he was running out of soil so (being slightly broke and not wanting to look suspicious as fuck going to wal-mart for potting soil in the middle of the night) he reused some of it without picking out the apparently non-viable seeds.

    two weeks later, one of his potted plants has five tiny sprouts in perhaps a 4x4-inch area next to it. so now this particular individual is wondering whether these would be worth the trouble of transplanting into separate containers, or whether the risk of harming the main plant would be too great.

    the other option would be to keep the main plant and the healthiest (or indeed, femalest) looking accidental plant. all of the others are one per pot.
  2. just cull em .
  3. sounds simple enough unless the center plant (which these are hypothetically being culled to protect) turns out to be male... because even a cluster of stunted, crowded, and off-centered females would be better than that, hence my initial instinct to wait and see.

    but i guess one shouldn't expect much from seeds that took two weeks to sprout, lol.
  4. I plant about 5 seeds per 4x4 container and just shake the container after a week or so and transplant them to their own. Shit right now I have 3, 3 foot or so tall plants within 2 weeks of harvest in an old laundry detergent container. (its about 6/7 gallon size) they are doing great.

    I actually found out tonight my biggest plant is not my biggest and has 2 other plants that grew up into it and I didnt even know :) Doesnt harm the plant, the inside growing ones have little to no leaves and budsites all over.

    It may just be the way I take care of and grow my plants that makes this work for me. (Id rather have 3 plants in 1 container and 2.5 times the bud than 1 plant and bud from 1 - its not 3x the bud because the non largest of the 3 are always slightly smaller, because one is always the biggest so I compare their yields to that one)

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