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seedless buds...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. hey i was breaking a nug today and was pissed to find 6 seeds. well i dont know alot about growing hence why i havent done it. i know the difference between males and females and know that if you see a male you kill it off before it polenates or anything.

    if the grower kills off the males techniclly the buds should remain seedless right?
  2. Correct , No male pollen = No seeds.

    Did the bud look like some chronic? I've had buds that look like ok Chronic but turn out to have some seeds. That was just from 1 guy though, I never go thru him.
  3. its not that great... it just makes me tired and wanna sleep. 50 an ounce so im not complaining too much
  4. Sounds like you got some low mids. I don't mind seeded weed, but it is FAR less potent than sinsemilla.

    In a study done by a team of ganja enthusiasts in a combination team of botanists and chemists, determined along their studies that simply by growing the bud without seed would automatically increase potency by 2.5 times as much as if that bud had been seeded. This means that if bud is simply without seeds, it is AT LEAST 2.5 times more potent, and USUALLY it is more potent than that.

    Basically, hemp has 1 % THC and is extremely impotent as a drug, schwagg is the flowering seeded tops of hemp or extremely poor quality mexican weed, it has 2% THC. Classic chronic, dank, dro, etc. has approximately 8 to 18 % THC (almost ALWAYS sinsemilla), with the highest recording done on G-13 in 1998, which estimated in at a heavy 38 % THC when grown sinsemilla (with northern lights 5 recording in at 32%).


    Robert Connel Clarke's "Hashish"
    Cannabis Culture Magazine Issue 52 (i believe)
    Spliffs 2

  5. Wow... good info. I already knew what good sensi bud was of course, but I never knew that g-13 was fuuuuuckin 38%!???? Gooooood daaaamn!
  6. wow i almost bought some g-13 for 420! i though the kid was fucking with me and charging too much when he said it was one hit shit.
  7. seeds=bad, when a bud is pollenated it stops all growth and THC production and concentrates all its energy in developing seeds
  8. he prolly got a hybrid and didint noticed. where some branches are male some are female. happend to me before that son of a bitch. tricked me

  9. nice...+rep for sure

  10. if that was real shit, which it rarely is mind you, but it could be, then it probably would have been well worth 100 to 120 an eighth if you consider that you are actually purchasing much more thc at that point.

    the only way to make sure you're smoking some real g-13 is to do some research and find some seeds of a hybrid (pure-breed is almost definately not g-13 as most pure g-13 is still propagated via cloning as seeds are hard to comeby, this is due to the fact that g-13, if the rumors are true, was only smuggled out from a government installation and/or a university in the form of a single female clone, meaning there were no males to propagate seeds with and have the strain remain pure).

    I personally have little desire to grow g-13, but I wouldn't mind trying it. When I go to Amsterdam I will look for the most powerful hybrid known on the market by Sensi Seeds (G-13 x Hash Plant, seeds are VERY expensive compared to any other strain, but probably worth it considering potency is probably EXCEPTIONALLY high).

    Keep in mind that G-13, containing approximately 38 percent THC, has the closest amount of THC next to high quality hash (which ranks in at 50 to 70 percent THC on average (sometimes coming close to 80 percent). Thusly, G-13 probably makes EXTREMELY potent and large amounts of hash when properly processed.
  11. the seeds that found will not be the soul cause of the bad weed man. if it makes you tired and sleepy, most likley it was harvested to late. and if you only found six seeds in the bud, my guess that the plant was hermie (female plant that developed male attributes near the end of flowering to produce seeds). if the plant had been pollinated, you bud would have had alot more then 6 seeds in it. i imagine also that the drying and curing was probably not up to par. i think that these things have more to do about the quality of your weed and not those couple beans.
  12. well. this may sound stupid to some, but if u get bud with alotta seed you can always make bread and shit with them in it. it doesnt get you high or anyhting but the seeds are good fro you and well dont taste bad either;) but i prefer sensimellia(sp) over seeded weeed anyday.

    oh and verry interesting information Infiniteawesome :smoking:
  13. Plant them seeds and smoke that weed

    WTF are you talking about??
  14. Haha... that's kind of.. strange.

  15. the grower's plant. and by hybrid he mean't hermy

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