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  1. Hey. I've got some moby dick startin. I use fluorescents for vegging and now some of them are growing way past the others. I was thinking of transplanting then and burying them a lot deeper. Good idea? Bad? Let me kno thanks!

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  2. You could do that, or gently LST them. get your lights closer and they won't do that. or if you can get a MH/HPS setup.
  3. Lol I have a good Ol hps set up and I was planning on lsting this time. So it doesn't matter if their streching so young? I was going to veg for like a month and a halfish cause I want a bigger tied down girls to flower with. Also I didn't want to start stressing them out yet. Their like a week old lol. Here's a pic of what I've got comin up from my harvest in a month!
  4. They are really too small to transplant. You won't have enough root structure to hold the soil together and it would most likely be a mess. It can be done, but at that size you risk a lot of stress to a fragile root system. Give them more light and treat the problem rather than just the symptoms.

    Next time, don't fill your pots to the brim. Then all you would need to do is add a little soil, and get more light.
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    If your feeling ballsy,

    Tap the soil out of the pots till it's down to the TOP of the roots, so that maybe the very first feeder is visible.

    Then very gently fill soil back in while at the same time coiling the stem of the plant just enough so that you reduce the height, not so much that you snap it.

    Bury the plant up to the first set of leaves. All of that stem below soil will become roots.

    I've done it. I know it works.

    Then just get those lights as close as you can. If they are CFL's then you can almost touch the top leaves with them. Maybe an inch or two away.

    If you look at the first page of the journal in my sig you'll see what I mean.

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