Seeded Calyx?

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  1. So I've been worried because some of the older pistils are turning orange and dying off so I took off a calyx and looked at it under a microscope to see if it was seeded. I can't tell if it is but a little white yellowish thing came out when i opened it.
  2. Wtf... bro why would you need a microscope. Just crush it so you can stop worrying.
  3. what do you mean crush it? I did and it crushed.

    The thing is I'm only 2 weeks in flower and some of the pistils are turning orange
  4. I don't think you have anything to worry about with the calyx. How are your temps? Is the light too close? Is it mostly at the top of the plant that they are starting to turn brown?
  5. I took some pictures to see if it would help you figure out whats wrong, if anything is wrong.
    Here is some of the browning spots.

    This is a top
    This is the smaller budsites on the main stem.

    Here is the Main Cola

    As for how far the lights are, I grow with CFLs and due the hand test. The hand test works until I touch the bulb, so I can get them pretty close

    Here is an example of a calyx similar to the one I removed

    As for growbox temps. I average about 82F lights on and 72-75F lights off
  6. So no one knows?
  7. It's normal you'll slowly start getting entire red hairs and you'll also get new white hairs just as fast if not faster than the hairs turn red don't water that's exactly how they start off changing.

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones

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