seedboutique rocked it out.... again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by needa, May 11, 2010.

  1. just ordered another batch from seed boutique. i normally use seedbay, but this time there wasnt anything on there that i wanted. and the last time i used seedbay, i ordered some closeout seeds and only one germed out of ten. so stay away from the closeouts.... they are "bunk" seeds.

    i will always order from gypsy though.... never been unsatisfied with the service. i know i will not get cheated.

    anywho, i mailed my money order on monday april 26. they received and mailed back on monday may 3. i received my nice discreet packaging on may 8.

    10 - dr atomic - blueberry x nl. woot woot. dr atomic is back!!!!!

    10 - white house seeds - white widow

    5 - dinafem - power kush <------ thinking this will be a huge score :)

    stuck them all in a cd cake box 49 hours ago. all but one white widow has been placed in a cube.

    smoke ya laters
  2. nice man, hope to see your grow journals on that blueberry :smoking: goodluck!

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