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seedbank that takes paypal

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by beer__guzzler, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. hey im looking for a seedbank that accepts paypal as a method of payment. thanks
  2. wow im surprised to see that only one seedbank takes paypal. well thanks for the reply.
  3. if anyone knows of any other seedbanks that accept paypal please post them. thanks
  4. Personally I would stay far way from any seed bank that accepts Paypal. The folks at Paypal (and their parent company Ebay) are very anti weed, and they have an established history of ratting out people who use their services for buying weed related products, including lighting, hydro kits, etc.
  5. PAYPAL = paper trail = not good.
  6. alright thanks evryone but if anyone finds a bank that takes paypal let me know cause i dont trust sending cash or m/o cause i already got screwed 3 times from banks that evryone claims are trustful.
  7. Which 3 seedbanks screwed you?

    I don't think these guys were joking about a paper trail and paypal being known to work with the feds. Getting screwed is much better than 2-10 in a federal pen.

    I know there are times we have a problem with a seedbank that others sing praises about. I have a couple that I wont deal with anymore and others claim they can do no wrong. If it happens 3 out of 3 times then perhaps it isn't the person you are dealing with. Many people handle a package between the seed bank and the customer. Many things can go wrong but 0 for 3 sounds too odd.

    If you insist on using paypal then maybe setup a fake address or something. I still don't understand how paypal is going to help keep you from getting screwed when buying an illegal product.
  8. IF you got screwed 3 times its your fault - theres plenty of threads about reputable seedbanks, if your ignored them than sorry.

    Pay attention, do research - read reviews and comments.
  9. ive been screwed by the doc and evryone says hes vary dependable, amsterdam marijuana seeds, nirvana marijuana seeds.

    i live in canada so seeds are legal here with paypal you can file a claim if you dont receive your item. th only seedbank that have had success with is skunk.co.uk and thay accepted paypal but thay no longer do i gues im screwed for now.
  10. word.
  11. Ebay have a huge range of lighting hps/mh , led , and hydroponics equipment.Htg Supply have a shop on Ebay and use paypal and ive never heard of anyone being busted or any bother from paypal.
  12. Damn, ive bought all my advanced nutrients off ebay, and ive never been screwed?

    do you think i willl be gettin slightly looked over time to time?
  13. No , i dont know why it was suggested lights and nutes would raise suspicion , they dont.Whats on the label , its not pot.On tiger nutes its tomatos and flowers.
    Same with lights , so what ...maybe we grow orchids or indoor cherry tomatos.Seeds might be different but look at it this way , if Ebay who own paypal had such a hard on agains growers why does it have whole sections of hydro equipment and hps lights ?
  14. right thats what im saying?

    i was almost being sarcastic :b

    this is all a misunderstanding in my opinion.

    Use the attitude or speedy seedz and a credit/debit card and youll be 100%fersure on seeds :cool:

  15. high grade seed in canada takes paypal. very fast cheap shipping also. i just planted there super bud. looks awsome,:hello:
  16. I'd stay well clear of paypal if i were you. As one of the other bloggers said the paper trail is pretty difficult to get away from. I've always found that you need 100 different pieces of information just to open a paypal account, they really frustrate me!

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