Seed to Weed - Grow Journal of the THC Bomb

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  1. Let me start by saying i am a novice to Growing but enjoy the end product so its gotta be worth a try.

    So... in my arsenal i have a wardrobe steath grow (enough for a couple of plants) with a soon to be separate 18/6 mother chanber.

    I have 2 Envirolights, one in a Blue Spectrum and one in a Red Spectrum for flowering. Both are rated at 200Watts.
    I have 4x 3.2ltr pots, and 1x 5.8ltr superpot.
    I will be using Miracle Grow (Thanks GG) for veg, and untill i find a UK flowering product i can get my hands on i'm using Miracle Grow Restore (Which i dont know the NPK values but its working quite well)
    The water around our place is spot on, PH tested at 6.2 with low chlorine content so i use this after its been left in the cabinet to acclimatise.

    I have other fitter CFL's fitted around the cabinet for additional lighting basically one big well lit area.
    All sides are painted in Matt White emultion.
    The flooring is a work of art... I cut out the bottom and fixed in place the side off a PC case, the case was an old one of mine and has 1000's+ of holes creating a extreemly strong but well vented surface and as there are hole i have no drainage issues, under the wardrobe is a 2 inch gap to which i slid in some 12inch drip trays to catch excess water and also to increase humidity.

    I installed a 240volt 120mm Fan into the back sealed with a vent hose off a tumble dryer coated it in aluminium foil and shoved a pair of tights over the whole thing to ensure it didnt move, the vent hose runs to a vent duct in the exterior wall of the house... complete stealth (You wouldnt know.)
    I sealed the cabinet with Draft Excluder also creating it light proof.
    So, intake through the floor, 0 light leakage and extraction...hmmm needs a fan wouldn't you say ;)... slapped in a 6 inch static.
    Bought a Humidity/Temp Monitor off Flee Bay - Quick Check... 82'f / 55% RH :D
    Bought myself a couple of seeds, one i say off a time lapse from google - it looked awesome, so i found the strain (wasn't easy) and bagged myself some of those.
    They came an arrived with some others (freeby Bagseed).
    I successfully germinated them and grew the first batch until flowering and like being shot... it turned out to be male :mad:, which pissed me off somewhatbut hayho... back on the job.
    Germinated another and again spent a couple of months with it till flowering... lets just say i dont like being shot... so in the bin with another failed attempt.
    Heard a shit load of mixed stuff about the lowryder seeds but after reading some good reports about the #2 gen i figured... why not!

    Lets just make the next bit short - 8 lowryders were male from 10, the other two seeds i havn't germinated, waste of time, and i grew 2x4 per grow... fortunately i didnt have to wait long on these but still a waste of two months... god damn this growin shits hard.

    Surely thats it... no more fuckin testosterone :devious: - I Cant take this shit anymore...

    Then just as i thought i couldnt take it anymore a test seed from my first order germinated and set off... it was make or break cause after that i was growing 10 at once just to get a female...

    I heard and read about LST off here and thanks to the like off GG and others my previous attempts have given me the knowledge on what to do and when, and i thank all you guys for the previous support +Rep to U all :hello:

    Anywho this is more a re post but i thought i'd let you lot know how my journey started into growing.

    The pics below are of the start out with this plant. I keep all pictures of all grwoths until finnished, as with the other growths, i delete the male growth logs... no pint in keepin em.
    I also added my Kit pictures :D

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  2. Anyway, i had some shity pc problems and my HDD got wiped, the photos above are the only remaints from the first part of the journal :(

    But i can skip the shit in this case and move onto the Bud Porn Stage :D

    These are off the plant today, she's twisted but lovin it.

    She is 2 weeks and 1 day into flowering and i was advised to flower for 10 weeks by the website i bought them from ;).
    So 8 weeks of growth left and at the rate she's at now i cant wait.

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  3. It in its dark period now but tomorrow i will take some shots of the grow area, there was a pannel on the back painted white but i removed it as i sorted the fan shrowd but the back panel is now half white and a large area the shitty brown it comes as standard.

  4. Hahaha LOL! Good work. +rep on creativity!
  5. I tried to minimise costs as much as possible... seem'd like a pretty good idea at the time... but i was stoned.

    I get all my best ideas when im baked :smoke:
  6. Just took a shed load of pics to upload for your browsal, but i got no bud so gonna pickup then i'll gaffer the lot, i gotta edit them to GC specs as the images are 8mb each (D-SLR) soo... Catch you guys later..

    Any comments on the grow so far?
    Peace :smoke:
  7. And as promised here's the pic's... Some of the grow area and some more bud porn :D


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  8. And some more :D


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  9. Just took these - Check out the stem structure! WOW :eek:.

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  10. Havent posted any new pics for a few days, heres some from now :hello:

    My second grow is on its way also, a 1 week old Orange Bud Feminised also included a shot for you ;)

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  11. A little advice please..

    I have never got this far before, i presume all is well (You guys are very quiet lol)
    Its been in flowering for 20 days, and is grown 8 inch whilst in flowering.

    How long before it stops going up lol :D and will it stop growing up and bush out with bud?
    Also is it normal for it to stretch like this? During growth the sets of leaves were no more than 2 inch high, it looks like its stretching but it could be what its suposed to do..

    Any advice is welcome

  12. Sorry that everyone is so quiet, i do't know why ?

    The stretching occurs becasue the plant has some rapid growth at the start of flowering, it should slow down.
    Remember the plant can double again in height once put into flowering. You should put plants into flower when they are just under half the final height you want.
  13. Thanks for the swift reply, the hight of the overall plant i dont really care too much about as the grow area is +6 foot and she's only at 2 foot now, i was worried about light penitration to the lower leaves.

    Dont really know what to do with it lol, its to much to LST it now... spoze i'll just have to let it grow and see what it looks like.

    I'll post some more pics later as its been a couple of days :D

    Other than it looking/being stretched alittle, anyone see any other problems? This would be my first noob attempt.

    I Got some Hormone Rooting powder and have taken a clone so... next one might just be a mother - not sure just yet.
  14. thc bomb a good strain to use?? i was thinkn of using it next year outside. herd it stays low and yields high and good shit. lemme know. preciate it
  15. It been a while since i posted some pics its now 3 weeks and 3 days into flowering.
    Plant is on full strenth blooming nutes and is looking good.

    Had a minor accident with the light :( as i went away on business... 1 night and i come back to a scorching plant. Fortunately it only affected 1 leaf so... No harm i guess :D

    Anyway - on with the pics.

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  16. I have a rought date in mind to cut it (17th november) The plant will have been flowering for 8 weeks.
    I've heard looking for Orange Pistils but how do you tell when a plant is ready for harvesting???

    Cheere in advance (Pics would be helpfull)
  17. You may want to buy a good magnifying glass or microscope. The most accurate way to tell is to watch the plants trichome's. You may want to read up on this on the forum's. After reading you may then decide what ratio of cloudy/amber trichomes you want to have when you harvest....depending on your desires.

    Also, a couple of tips that may very well be contradicted by someone else...but
    You may want to drop your humidity down alot for this stage of growth.

    Also, dont forget to flush your plants before harvest for better tasting smoke.
  18. I had plans on water only for the last 2 weeks of flowering, i presume this would be suficient as a "Flush"

    trichomes are the crystals on the smaller leaves right?

    I'll have a look through the forum.

    Is this looking right? as i expected the buds to be allot more dense... The only thing i can think of is it will finnish off in the last stage of flowering by bulkin up - Is this right.
  19. She doesnt seemed to phazed by the burning off the light a week ago.

    She's stopped growing up and is now focusing on the buds :smoke:.

    Setup a PC stealth grow for a now confirmed female Orange bud but have reset the light timers to 24hr, i'm going to keep her as the mother for my new clone setup, going to LST it to the max before letting her flower and keep one of the clones to creat a new mother ;)

    Added a few pics for you all.


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  20. No new pics , gotta dig out the camera.

    I over nuted like a bitch and i have brown small spots on all my leaves.
    I did a PH flush 3x Pot volume and the spot problem has stopped but it looks quite bad, it only seems to be on the fan leaves and a few of the smaller leaves near the buds but it can be trimmed i spoze.

    Anyway, what do i do about feeding, it has just under 3 weeks left before harvest, is it best to just stick to water from now till harvest? I know you have to flush the nutes out two weeks prior to harvest but will it be a problem closer to three weeks?

    Cheers in advance


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