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  1. Ok iam at aboyt two weeks old and my plant has a couple set of leaves, its about 5 inches high, and I was wondering if i can send it into flowering now, I am not expecting a big yield or anything, this is just bag seed. i read a thread here from hempfarmer( and he started his on day 18, with good results.
  2. You could have had it on a 12/12 cycle from germination if you'd like. It's up to when to flower, your plant will be fine and still grow.
  3. Oh ok thats what the words seed to flower mean, I heard alot of places that it isnt good to start flowering under 12 inches. Thank you.
  4. the plant wont flower until its ready. I switched mine on 12/12 after a short veg time and it took them 3 weeks to even show sex. People say its not good to flower so small because it effects the yield, it might also stress the plant more or something idk. I waited untill I saw the 9th leaf node and started 12/12 (1month veg), i've been budding for a little over a week and its just taking off, i'm still expecting a decent result. If your not expecting a huge yield and just want it to hurry up and grow a little then give it a try! You can also grow more later :) Watching these plants grow is amazing, watching them bud is even more amazing :)
  5. the seeds arent that special so I am gonna give it a try. when i get good seeds then i will plant one in like January, and just let it veg for like a year, I live in arizona so the weather is pretty nice during the winter. And since our light cycle here is already on 12/12 outside, can I just move my plant outside without it being much stress, the weather has been averging at about 95 f during the day and 74 f at night.
  6. if you grow your plant to like say 10 inches n go to flower how tall will the plant end up be??will it grow to full size or b short but still grow but slowly??
  7. at any stage of veg, if you flip it to flower the plant should at least double, if not triple in size (height and weight, if you know what i mean)
  8. I think that my plant is self LSTing because its still healthy but is curved over onto the soil, but the leaves are pointing straight up, just the stem is laying on the soil, i think its to heavy for the stem.

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