seed testing?

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  1. i read in grandpa's grow guide that to test seeds u have to put them in water mixed with somethin called super thrive, the ones that sink are keepers. will using plain water give me the same result? or are there any other good ways of testng without having to buy special 'stuff'.
  2. yes I have heard of that and yes ya can use just H2O. But it might be just as simple to but them in a moist papertowel on top of the fridge (for a little heat).and germinate them.
  3. yeah the paper towl method is the best!

    take a dinner plate, spread some paper towel accross it and saturate it in warm water...not hot, not cold. sprinkle the seeds evenly spaced and saturate another couple piece of paper towel and place it on top of the seeds. Now grab some Cling-wrap and pull off enough to tightly cover the plate. It shouldnt be rippeled and there should be NO gaps for humidity to escape. Place a second plate, hopefully slightly SMALLER then the first ontop (facing down) of the cling wrap. Place it on top of the fridge (somewhere not too hot, but must be consistantly warm. You can check to make sure humidity is not escaping and that the clingwrap should fog up and have moisture beeding up. Plant the seeds approx 3-4 days after (or 24hrs if you have real hot seeds :)) by poking a tiny whole in the top of the soil and placing the seed (pointed side up - root tip down) and doming the soil around the top of the seed and cover your pots with clingwrap (no holes for the first day and a half) and by the second day after planting you should have immature stems and leaves..remove the clingwrap and hop on the 18/6 light cycle.

    Hope this helps

  4. i heard that if you have many seeds and you put one of them on a frying pan and put the frying pan over a stove and the seed cracks in half when heated the seeds are good but if it dosnt crack and no damage is done its bad.

    p.s i dont know if this actually works just heard it from a friend
  5. Yeah, they will sink, but not right away. They will float for a few hours until they absorb enough water to swell up and sink. They still might not need sink down by themselves, but you can give them a little tap with your finger and they will sink down. You can soak them in water AND do the paper towell method... I usually let them soak in water for about 12 hours and they will crack open by then, and then I put them in moist paper towells, and another 12 hours later the taproots are long and ready to plant. This is faster because they absorb water more quickyl while soaking in it for a while before going into the towels. Whatever you do, just don't soak the seeds for more than 24 hours (that's the warning a few sites give anyways)... I actually wouldn't soak them for more than like 16 or so hours just to be safe. If you soak them for too long they can suffer from oxygen deprivation and die. It's best just to soak them around 12-15 hours and keep an eye on them, as a seed cracks open you can go ahead and put it in the moist paper towels.
  6. :confused: lmao... that is possibly the dumbest thing i have ever heard.. just because one seed pops open when you scorch it on the stove doesnt mean they are all going to work.. do the paper towl method and leave the stove for cooking food..not weed seeds

  7. thanks guys for the advice, the frying pan is hot and i'm ready to start crackin them seeds!

    just kiddin, the seeds have been in an airtight tub with the wet paper towels since this mornin, ill let u know how their doin in next few days.

    anybody know wot the average yield of a purple haze plant is, given that everythin goes to plan, i know there's alot of varialbles to take in to account but im only after a ball park figure.

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