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  1. Ok so I'd like to start a thread with people's experiences of a particular seed producer... not seed banks... but the actual supplier and their seed genetics.
    Producers *should* use backcrossing to stabilize their genetics and produce a smaller range of the more elite possible phenotypes but a lot of them don't.
    For instance, I've ordered 3 strains from BC bud depot over the past few years and each time I have received a very wide assortment of phenotypes, with many of them producing fluffy ass bud (I know genetics aren't the only culprit, but my grow is pretty dialed in). Barney's farm on the other hand has given me dense nugs consistently.
    SO... which seed suppliers have yielded the most positive results (ie, dense buds) for you?

  2. As a Sativa fan i don't have too much of a problem with fluffy buds, especially if they run right along the branches! Seriously though most of the older more established breeders have spent time stabilizing their genetics to get good solid phenotypes. Mr Nice, Barneys, Female Seeds, Dutch Passion are all good, but saying that old doesn't always mean good (GHS for example). 
    Of the newer guys,  Reserva Privada and Bomb Seeds have both done me well.

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