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  1. Hello GC,

    Would it be bad if I use seed starting jiffy mix till harvest? :confused:

  2. Have you measured your ph? I bet you would have ph problems the whole time
  3. No, but I don't want problems with it.

    I guess I will look for one without nutes then.

    Does Foxfarm soil has nutes in it?

    Thanks for the reply!

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    yes foxfarms has organic nutes that will feed your plant up to a month. FF has even been known to be a little too strong for seedlings, and is better to transplant to 7-10 days after sprouting. When using foxfarms I recommend 3 parts FF per 1 part perlite (big chunks of perlite are better).
  5. This would be very useful information! I am really thankful :D

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