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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by triggasmokealot, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, i looked in a couple threads but its gettin a bit long, im in an arguement with my friends that if you cut a clone and plant a seed at the same time.....if you harvest them both the same amount of time after theyve been put in the ground....that the clone will be bigger and have more buds then the seed. Out of plain logic if you start a plant from a leaf.....where it can grow faster, absorb more sunlight and develop more stems to grow buds i thought it was easy win but this guy doesnt have any anyway, thanks a lot guys..

    PS:Question again, Clones vs seeds...which makes a bigger better plant?
  2. Clones produce healthier faster growing plants from my experience though I have only taken a couple thousand or so. Like you said they already have leaves and such. They dont have a tap root so much which may do some thing. The stems from a clone will be larger.

    I guess the thing to do would be get some seeds and start a mother. Then take a clone and plant a seeds next year for outdoor. Worst case is you take 200 clones and buy yourself a house.
  3. well it will have a 2-3 week head start so id vote for the clone. BTW all my clones look to be doing better than the seedlings were.
  4. I was told that a plant from seed will bud earlier than a clone and that overall the seed will veg faster than a clone.

    Can anyone verify that?
  5. Well I have a seed that only took 3 weeks and 4 days and it is 14 inches and already showing sex.

    Clones good for not losing a great plant, if it is already female, and getting a mass of the same plant. As for faster growth I don't agree that a clone is faster.
  6. thanks for the replies guys....any other comments/oppinions?
  7. Taking clones and starting them means you want a genetic duplicate of the mother. Same growth rate under the same conditions, etc.
    Seeds can throw in some genetic variation so you wouldn't know if you you were getting a valid comparison of the growth rate of two different plants.
    If you are growing outdoors it can be tricky cutting down a 24 hour indoor light cycle clone to an outdoor sun schedule without causing early flowering and then regeneration which screws up the plant.
    For me seeds work best, I overplant and pick out the best of the seedlings to develop into monsters.
  8. its cuz my buddy is tellin me he can sell me 3 clones or just give me 3 seeds but they are from an outdoor plant anyway so light cycles wont be a concern....i just wanna know whats faster since im late in the season

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