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  1. Whats the deal with seed size's. I found some good seeds in a vacant home today. Some where very large & some quite normal. All my plants produced normal size seeds. I'm just wondering if there are any certain strains that produce larger seeds?
  2. i had some maui seeds once that were actually smaller than any seeds i've ever seen, they were fully mature but about half the size a regular seed
  3. seeds com in all different shapes and sizes and colors.. som gurminate in 1 day som take 2 weeks. its just how it is
  4. Seed size has absolutely no bearing on the plant size. NONE.
  5. it may well give an indirect indication of plant size. nearly all sativa's make much smaller seeds than do indicas... if you had healthy mature seeds in ur hand, and they were very small, you could assume they came from a sativa dominant plant. if you have huge beans the size of soybeans, you probably have an indica strain:) no rule is without exceptions, but for the most part, sativas=little seed/big plant and indicas=big seed/little plant
  6. i ordered NL from and its supposedly mostly indica. let me tell you these beans are tiny. and the first one that grew was very very sativa like. i dunno if those were just the genes of that seed but im kind of mad NL didnt turn out the way i wanted it too so far.

  7. Out of about 30 grows, I've never noticed this.
  8. Me neither.
  9. Yeah, all my seeds are the same size, and according to this thread they are sativa..I want COUCHLOCK!
  10. Here is a pic I took of seeds that I have that range in size...
    (L-R) Power Skunk, Gigabud, normal sized Bagseed, jumbo sized Bagseed
  11. No maybe not on the plant size per say, but i definitly notice a difference between a fat seed compared to smaller seed of the same breed once the have germinated....the bigger seed seems to be more full in the early stages of life...just my opinion and observation.
  12. I have experienced the same thing from Hawaiian over 25 years ago. Very small seeds. I know it was from Hawaii,because I know the dude that lived there
  13. When I was about 16/17 years of age I used to get high all the time with my uncle. Well during one of our before mentioned sessions, he starts talking about pure indica seeds from the 70's. He was going on and on about how they used to be huge (think Kellogg's Corn Pops), and would result in plants roughly 25 feet in height. If there are any old time smokers on here could you second these claims?
  14. i have to call bullshit on this indicas dont grow tall at all sativas even in the best climates dont get more than 15 feet... if indicas grew 25 feet in the 70's sativas where wat 50 feet lol

  15. OK, so you feel big seeds result in more vigorous plants. Yeah, I've never noticed this either. Otherwise, you'd never get tiny seeds from a seedbank, as they would be able to breed for traits just by looking at the seeds--and that doesn't happen. I just got some Sensi SeedBank seeds that ranged from big to very tiny (like the pic above).
  16. i second old timer that's not true

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