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  1. I had heard that the US Postal Service as well as other countries postal services were going to be increasing their inspection of packages since the terrorist attack. Has anyone heard of problems with seed shipments into the USA since the attack? Has anyone had a problem with seeds being confiscated?
  2. You might have some reasonable concerns, but what I've heard is that there is a call for new dog training targeting biologicals. Lets hope that the war on terror results in a truce on weed.

    Plant a seed today!
  3. i hope not i have two in the mail ill let you know how it goes!tazz11
  4. My areas local newspaper ran an article about our post office watching for uncommon packages bieng delivered,this was concerning drugs not terrorism,they mentioned holland,uk and canada.....which at this time is not good..Iv'e run into a bit of a growing snag...and will have to grow at the rural shop. New equipment in hand. Kind of a bad idea for me to order seeds from those locations at the moment......which stinks ....

  5. the mail here is very slow but still moveing i got my mms order today after 27 days! and they had great seeds!i got $400cn worth of seed for $ 175 u.s.but they sale by strain not good pics!thundra ,romulan,and 10 free matx skunk!all great med weeds!very, very stleath! i like their mailing and the company!i still await other orders!stocking for spring!summer and fall/winter! tazz11
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  6. You should try having the seed company fedex you your seeds.
    Also I highly doubt that they'll really look hard at packages coming from canada.
  7. i dont know about the fedex! but from canada was good from new york but thats not to say it well be good from where he is at! he said the local news! ,and that leeds me to think local post offices in his area! i ask do you ship to all three holland, uk ,canada!the law enforcement in the area may be looking for more clues to a on going case! thats not good if you do ! i would back out of that muddy drive way slowly and find other means! take it from a x pi! you dont want to know the facts in that case! you have a good size grow dont risk it! give it some time to let that story fade away in the minds of the people that did read it! just the way you say the local news ,that makes me wonder if they were following a leed from the local law! its funny how they get leeds some times much like pi work! there is also a protocall to put these kind of news in the papers before the hoidays to slow the mail for just this kind of idea ,that it well stop the drugs or at less slow them down! good luck tazz11
  8. From what I had read at the overgrow board, letters from canada into the usa are not elgible for customs to open. Only the shipments from other countries to open. To open mail from canada to the USA requires a search warrant. I don't think that seeds would justify a search warrant, if the package doesn't have your name on it. It may be some disinformation spread by authorities to get you to stop on your, i.e. use your paranoia against you to accomplish their means.

    If the seeds come from canada, with an alias, to a safe drop location, I can't see where a search warrant can be obtained.
  9. i think your right bpp! i dont think they would ether! tazz11
  10. You can hide your seeds in the bottom of a small candle wrapped and cut a small hole in the candle insert wrapped seeds no moisture and put cut out back in tape the outside of candle and send it. I mail weed like that to a friend with no problems. This is posted for people sending seeds to friends I don't think the seed company will go to this extent.
  11. If you want to send just about anything and not have it take, get a large jar of peanut butter. Scoop out the peanut butter, but leave the PB about one inch thick around all sides of the jar. Put whatever you're sending in a plastic bag and put it in the space you emptied out. Put peanut butter on top of it and smooth it out as much as you can. Then turn on your stove, and melt the PB so that it looks new, put the foil thingy back on and use a little dab of glue stick to stick it down if you need to. Put the top back on and ship it off with some crackers or something and call it a care package if they find it.
  12. Hey! I got my seeds in on the first of March... my seeds were great... BETTER THAN GREAT as a matter of fact. 7/7 seeds germinated... They were from Very good business, I give them two high thumbs up:D

  13. The last order we made from Nirvana got checked by customs, (containing 26 packs of seeds), luckly as we're located in the UK however they're perfectly legal and so they just re-package them and send them on with a note.

    Not sure about the situation with the US checks at the moment though.
  14. no seeds direct is a bank that sells other companys weed strains dude ! nirvana is one company by it self !seeds direct is a(seed bank)! ,nirvana is a (seed company) !good luck tazz11
  15. sd is a sound company and you should have no problems at all ,dutch passion feminiesed good choice but feminised seeds are not my bag of tea i would rather pick out the females my self as well as alot of breeders do ! why you ask ? males !if i dont get what i want in plants, i can allways breed some from what i do get tell i find what i wanted ! good luck tazz11
  16. i have a ******** cloneing and seeding room and a grow the grow is ******* and there never big enough lol! cloneing and seeding room can hold ****** clones up to****** in 1 gallon planters but i like no more than ** at any given time ! its hard to take care of more than **** female at full grow for me, so i would rather stay smaller and get better results! i hope !lol have made 5 crosses and i only plan to use only one but the others are just for fun!good luck tazz11

  17. I have never "not" received my orders from nirvana....always intact,,and viable,,often with bonus seeds....

  18. i secound that!

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