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  1. I was looking at Bonza seedbank
    I am looking for a good killer strain
    Indica/Sativa mix
    High Yield
    Killer head and body high
    Indoor Grow under HPS lights
    I like some of the purple strains, seem to be popular and well liked.
    They have a Kiwi seeds called the 2 pounder, up to 1KG per plant. Has anyone ever tried this strain?

  2. Kandy Kush by Reserva Privada
  3. Is that some good stuff?
    Anyone ever heard of the Kiwi?
  4. It's crossed with trainwreck- I haven't grown it but I got some from a dispensary- very good, almost too good.
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    The 2 pounder is mostly sativa and will take a little longer to flower. And unless your ceiling is 12 foot high, then you're not going to get anywhere near half of that yield per plant.
    If you still want some nice fruity smelling sativa combined with potent fast flowering indica, super lemon haze is a favorite for a lot of people. I prefer northern lights myself for indoor or outdoor.
  6. Very happy to see this as a recommendation......I have a RP Kandy Kush 1 week into flower but could not find a whole ton on info on the strain.    Was slow for the first half of veg, grew very much like an OG.......wanted to stretch with very little branch development compared to the other plants.   Seemed to spend the majority of it's energy producing massive dark green fan leaves bigger than my hand.    After 2 weeks of veg, I topped and started to LST like crazy and she responded and bushed out really nicely.    
    Not much of a smell to her yet, what's the taste and smell of the final cured product like?
    Sweet taste and was covered in trichomes
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    deadhead OG from cali connection it is a chem 91 crossed with OG cant beat that with a stick
    8 week flower time doesnt hurt either
  10. I've had great luck with Punky Lion by Samsara Seeds.  I got 1 free bee seed of it and it turned out to be one of the best strains of my last order.
  11. I would steer clear of Bonza.     chances are you will not get your seeds.     Just my honest experience.
  12. I stand totally corrected.   My seeds arrived 24 (working days) after they were shipped!    They came packaged as described and in tact.    I'll follow up after germination.     So far, so good.    My bad.    Patience got the best of me.
  13. If they have pineapple sativas those ul make Yuh flooooat....

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