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  1. Hey, I am an absolute beginner at growing, and had a few questions.

    1. My buddy has a few plants, but unfortunately they were Pollinated (?) by the male plants. However it's a good crop and I want a few of the seeds. When would be an ideal time to pick the seeds for growing next year?

    2. Is there any way to distinguish male from female seeds?

    3. If a male crop does pop up, how long do I have to get rid of it before it pollinates the females?

    Thanks a lot for your help, it's much appreciated
  2. 1 im not 100% when to pick but fully mature seed are dark sorta brown-ish colour, they also have what people call a 'tiger stripe' pattern on them(but not all do) any that are while/pale are no good or if they easyly crush between ur fingers

    2 no, you just have to grow them, or get fem seeds

    3 soon as u identifie a male remove it ASAP

    hope thats some help
  3. That's great help thanks man
  4. Mills is basically right. All I would clarify is that viable seeds are brown or grey in color, may or may not have spots and/or stripes. Seeds that are black, green, or white are not viable. Otherwise you cannot tell anything about the seed (or the plant it will grow into) by its appearance -- not strain, potency, gender, etc.

    Harvest seeds any time after the bud has been harvested. Store in a cool, dry, dark place -- for example an old plastic film canister with some uncooked rice grains in there to absorb moisture.
  5. Thanks man, I would have never thought of the rice thing. If you were around sask. I'd smoke ya down haha

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