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seed question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kactus, May 14, 2011.

  1. i got about 5 seeds in my last picup and i was wondering if i just straight put them in a pot with good soil in some sun will it grow and thenm be able to moved outside without any of the fancy soil types and stuff and still be a good smoke? i know there are lost of difrent variable i just kinda wanted to know my chances of success
  2. my friend grew 2 plants that way, turned out super dank. That was out of 5 feeds, so its a possiblity i think that was jsut lucky on his part. They have to be female, not male fyi.
  3. didn't know that good info :)
    where did ur friend live i am in australia and agaisnt what most people think its fucking cold/cloudy/rainy all the time where i live cept for 4 months where its incredibly hot with no rain i am afraid the weather will destroy the plants :(
  4. You do not have to have special soils ect to make things grow. You can just use what is found in nature to grow.
    Do you know if it is an indoor strain or an outdoor? Is it an autoflower? There are some questions it would be good to have answers to before you begin.
    If you don't know the answers to that you could toss em in the soil and just play with a grow.
    As for will it be good smoke with no preparation of the ground and no nutes whatsoever. I guess it would depend on where you are. Where I live MJ can be tossed out back and seems to do and smoke quite well. That is not the norm though.
  5. Sounds like youd need a more controled environment. Try a greenhouse? With the fiberglass ceilings for hte dry season, and water them yourself. The greenhouse would keep it warm durring the day, and yo ucould turn a heater on durring the night if needed.
    Wow, i just thought of this.
    Sounds like i know my next grow room.
  6. nah man i dont have the means for an indoor grow just yet
  7. Indoor>Outdoor all day err day IMO.
    But its kinda spendy, if you do it right i heard you can make enough money on your first grow to pay for it.
    Anyway, outdoor you can just set sprinklers up i guess. thatd be a bit obvious though[atleast i think so]
  8. /outdoor the plants are almost ALWAYS going to be around male plants, the air carries a lot of the pollen or whatever, but even if you get a few seeds you'll still get a nice plant probably, i realy dont know, im goin off what ive heard lol

  9. germ them in your room, then transfer to little pot under a light in your wardobe let them grow to around 6inches, then take them outside. it worked for me for 3years when i lived in QLD

    living in darwin now and i just germ seeds, put into pots and get good plants haha

    Recommend going to the growing section on this website for tutorials

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