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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by fuzzninja, May 14, 2010.

  1. I am currently germinating seeds.

    They're all bag seeds from $10/gram bags, but me and my buddy found a seed in a $20/gram bag (from a bag of O.G. Kush).

    Will this seed produce a higher quality plant because it came from higher quality weed?

    (Obviously i know that it will be better because it's O.G. Kush, but will the $10/gram seeds grow any buds that will be as potent as any of the buds on the O.G. Kush plant?)
  2. You never know how good bagseed will be. The weed was probably lower quality than the OG because of how it was grown, not the plant itself.

    So yeah, the 10/g seed could be just as good, or better, than the OG.
  3. Also, the fact that the bag had seeds it in automatically means that it MAY be inferior to anything you may grow.

    This rationality comes from the fact that if a plant is producing seeds, then it is using resources that could have been used to make more resin, etc but wasted it.

    Also, MJ plants produce resin to capture pollen. If a plant has seeds, then it means that it's received it's pollen (or hermied, but that's a whole different thing), if it's received the pollen then it obviously can slow down the production of resin since it has what it wants.

    Keep a female healthy and horny for pollen and you get no seeds and have better bud. :hello:

  4. Wow thanks.

    Now i'm excited.
  5. Only one way to find out. Plant it and let nature do its thing :wave:

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