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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dank_Head, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. are cannabis seeds legal to have go thru the mail &/or legal to have
  2. How old are you?

    When did you drop out?

  3. Not in the US.
  4. just a question. didnt need any smart ass childish remarks. some people say its legal some people say its not just wanted to know the turth
  5. Not legal. Plant material, including seeds, is illegal to possess, distribute, import in most places in the US. Check the link in my sig to NORML. Plant material is legal from commercial hemp.
  6. Legal in Canada not the states
  7. Acually a legit. question for a noob on this site,after reading many posts it seems alot of people speak of buying seeds through the mail here. Those people live in places other than the USA. :D
  8. Its nice when you need them, Its about a 45 minute drive to toronto and they have a good selection. Disturbutors from Canada get in shit for sending seeds to the U.S. Just like marc emery the states want him, but Canada won't give him lol. Alot of americans order there shit threw the mail and recieve them with no problems man, don't worry about it thats when problems happen.

  9. Just cause he wants to know does'nt make him a drop out thats ignorent man. Its nice growing and having a collage degree,
  10. OmEGaGuy99-Thats right,. and that post .....LMAO!!!
  11. ROFL I am ignorant? I think you are switched around.

    I think it's common sense that they are illegal, maybe that's just me. Seeing you can't order seeds from this site, that might be one clue.

    It seems the people who are lazy ask the same questions (hint: USE SEARCH, you will never have to post ANY question, especially one which is readily seen on the first page :rolleyes:)

    Really though, who cares? Lazy people irritate me.

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