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Discussion in 'General' started by jcommerce, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I ordered some seeds from a European website and the package arrived today. However, the envelope was empty. The seeds were supposed to have been shipped in a CD case, but the envelope had obviously been cut open and stapled back together. I'm concerned.

    Any thoughts? Insight?

  2. Close your blinds and don't make any phone calls on an unsecure line.
  3. ur mom got to them first!!!

    but besides that, if the feds were involved, and they already got it, what are u they going to bust you on? an empty package?
  4. I forgot to mention that I had them shipped to an address other than my residence. But they were addressed to me. I assume customs intercepted them, took them out of the package, and put the envelope back in the mail. Do you think any of the following are true?

    1) Just confiscated the seeds

    2) I'm on a "watchlist" now

    3) Customs has informed the police in the state I live in

    4) Feds, etc. prosecute US Citizens for ordering seeds

    5) I have no reason to worry, just try ordering from another source now

    What else?

    Check out this article, it's got me freaked:
  5. The feds catch growers by monitoring electricity consumption throughout a 24 hour period. If the consumption is consistent with growing cycles, that's something they can hold against you. If you're on a watch list, i'd be careful about what i buy. Only pay in cash if you're really paranoid. If you buy a pipe or even just papers at a head shop with a credit card or something they can track, they can hold that against you too.

    I'd say 2&3 would be probable.

  6. lmao right dude. carry at least a 4 in blade at all times.
  7. That's the spirit!
  8. Bump, please read above and let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  9. You're probably okay. Just don't do it again basically...Because they will probably watch your mail if it comes through customs. I wouldnt worry about it though, but don't plan on being an FBI agent or president.
  10. if customs would ahve intercepted your package u wouldnt have received an empty package, u would have got a letter from customs saying they confiscated your shit and asking you whether you would like to fight the fact that they confiscated it, so someone fucked with your shit.
  11. What about local police, post office, etc?

    It's weird because I order lots of CDs and DVDs from all over (usually get a couple per week) and this was supposed to be shipped exactly like the DVDs anc CDs are. The package looks identical completed with bubble wrap, etc. But it was empty. It had been cut open and stapled back closed, then mailed to me empty.

  12. like the other dude said, if there wasn't a letter from customs in your empty package, i seriously doubt it was customs who took it.

    i would venture to guess that whoever's address you sent them too jacked your shit or someone else opened it before you did and got it.
  13. damn did yall read taht article? your fucked dude move quick
  14. Some kid from my school ordered seeds....what he got was a letter from the feds saying they took his seeds. I dunno if hes on a watchlist or anything though...
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  16. You will most likely be arested and sentanced to execution.

    Only joking, I think it is more likely that someone stole your seeds than customs, customs would definatley sent a letter.
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