Seed or clone for these strains?

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  1. I have certain strains that can order directly from reliable breeders like super silver haze from mr nice or Flodica (Flo but more indica dominant) from DJ Short.

    My question is whether it would be worth it to buy 30 seeds of each and be able to grow the strongest and pick the best for my mother or.......

    From a very reputable club buy clones.

    Basically I am wondering if it would be more reliable, in getting a strong mother, to get the seeds as close to direct and pick my mother to start with or will the clones from a club be a better mother?
  2. My thread got burried many pages....

    Does anybody have an opinion?
  3. You may get a stronger/healthier mother plant growing from seed, but if you're wanting to get started asap I would go with the clones, although I have heard of people ending up with hermies and other unwanted pests that way, but you did say it is very reputable..
  4. The way i understand plant genetics (and i could be wrong) is that. Seeds can have a genetic throw back, being that they can get a trait that was given to them from the parent plants or grand parent plants just like people. When you use a clone you are getting the EXACT same genetics as the mother plant. Picking from seed is the way i would go if i wanted to pick and choose the traits i liked.

    hope it helps

  5. Thanks to both of you for your inputs. Gummby, that was why I thought it would be more beneficial to start from seed. But then I thought that if the clones were from a reliable club... being that the clones come from a commercial grower wouldn't they have already found the strongest mother out of possibly 100's of plants from seed, or at least dozens, in order for their garden to be the best possible before even considering selling their clones to a shop?

    Thanks again for any additional responses.

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