Seed Just Sprouted, Watering Question

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  1. I have them planted in fox farm ocean forest, and my first sprout just popped up today. The seed is still attached to it, and am going to wait another day or 2 to see if it falls off by itself. It's in a very small pot from lowes. My question is how much and how often should this seedling be watered?
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    Stick your finger all the way into the soil, till u can stick it any farther, if nothing sticks to your finger, water it. If u have dirt on your finger, dont water it. I water seedlings, once every 5 days or so to allow root growth. If the leaves start drooping, water before. But it wont use alot of water since it is so small, so once a week is fine until u get some leaves growing.
    Leave the seed shell on, it will fall off on its own, or it might not fall off. Either way its not hurting anything. I had one stuck this year, and i pulld it off myself, and wound up tearing a leaf/node off. It made my plant grow funky, but now that i lst it it seem to make it better :D
    Best advice, just leave it on!
  3. Thanks so much tweak. This is my first time attempting a grow and am sure I will be on here a lot asking questions throughout the process.
  4. Awesome and best of luck! That's what the forums are here for. Just remember, there are different forums for different types of questions so make sure you ask in the right spot to receive the best answers!
    Btw, are u growing indoors or outdoors?
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    Outdoors. Also the seed is still attached to the stem and there has been no new growth in 2 days. Is this plant doomed? I can get a pic of it later.

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