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  1. I have a question, From my harvest this year, I've found some seeds in my bud, not many, so far only about 9. Does this mean that this plant was a hermie and not a full blooded fem? Does this mean that the seeds are feminized?
  2. Can't determine what happened only from the info you provided.

    Was this your only plant?

    If you did not find any ball sacs at any time of the grow, harvest, trim, etc then doubtful it is was hermie.

    Some strains will produce a few seeds on their own late in harvest if the plant has not been pollinated -- somehow the plant "knows" that is hasn't been pollinated and does this as a last-ditch effort to pass its genes on. Since these seeds came only from the mother plant without a father, they actually are "clones in seed form" -- actual genetic clones of the mother.

    As such they should be feminized -- in fact, this trait to produce clone-seeds in late flowering is one of the ways breeders produce feminized seeds. doesn't happen on every strain, and the genetics can get messed up when the mother creates such clone seeds, and finally I'm not fond of this trait because it is passed along as well in the seeds' genetics. I once had a plant from a femmed seed, a strain with this clone-seed trait, and the plant busted out in lots of half-formed seeds without a male or hermie in sight (instead of producing a few seeds, this plant went haywire with the trait).

    So, you can try to grow them out, but don't be surprised if they give you seeds as well.
  3. On my 1st grow I got 2 seeds from my non pollinated female, blueberry/northern light cross. I'm growing out now, 1 sprouted 3 days ago and nothing on the other one yet. Both seeds lagged behind the other seeds I planted.

    The one that sprouted had a really big tap root (seed was bigger than the others) and a tiny plant (compared to the others) came up. So, based on Toastys reply this should be interesting.
  4. Thank you for your reply's.

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