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    I go to a dispensary in New Jersey and I bought some OG Kush flower and I found a seed in there. Now obviously I’m gonna grow it but can someone tell me how this happened? Or possibly if there is way to know if this seed would be feminized since it came from what is supposed to be sensimilla? Also my dispensary starts plants from clones. Very confused and looking for feedback. Thanks!

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  2. Not that unusual to find an occasional seed in buds. Even the best sensi will toss a few. If the dispensary started with feminized seeds then the tendency is present in all the clones from the original seeded plant. The very act that feminizes the seeds will bring in a touch of hermi tendencies that can show up later as a few seeds at the end of flower.

    Even regular seed plants are capable of self pollenating. It's the last ditch effort of the plant to propagate.
    Odds are very high it's a female seed.

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  3. be prepared that it may not germinate.
    I understand a lot of dispensaries hit their buds with UVC to kill any possible pathogens, etc and basically 'sterilize it" before packaging for patients. sorry, that would be bad terminology I'm sure but hopefully you get the general idea.
    Issue is any seeds like you found usually than have been killed by the UVC exposure.

    I collected about a half-dozen seeds from my med dispensary and was excited to be able to grow the strains I kew were working. Every single seed failed to germinate. all were completely non-viable.

    not to say yours is, but don't be surprised if it doesn't germinate.
    I hope it does for you though and you get good results from it! :)
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    Female plants under stress can grow pollen sacks. It only takes one grain of pollen to make a seed if it touches the pistol. So unless the growers catch it really fast you get some seeds from time to time.

    My understanding of feminised seeds vs bagseed from female plants is that all plants will go hermaphrodite if you spray them with silver nitrate or keep them in flower long enough. But if stresses from miss handling in a grow room cause it to herm that is a genetics issue that will probably be passed on giving you a good chance of making more hermaphrodite plants.
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  5. Grow it and see what they behold! Some of the best plants I have grown have come from seeds I got from local dispensary bud. over the past couple years ive found a few seeds in our medical cannabis. Not many but a few. Not sure if I got lucky or what but all those seeds turned out to be nice females.

    I very rarely find seeds in the bud we get from local dispensary’s . Our state is very strict on medical Cannabis. The Manufactures here have to go through extensive lab testing and mytoxin reports to ensure they are producing the cleanest cannabis. But like the othes were saying. It’s not a bad thing to find a few seeds tucked every now and then.sometimes at the end of flowering a female will give a last ditch effort to try and pollinate its self to make a few seeds. It’s called rodelization.

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  6. Yeah I just bought lemon kush yesterday and i found a seed. Im going to grow it.

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  7. I just grew a guava kush seed found in dispensary flower. It’s the best, most vigorously growing plant i have seen yet. I’m very happy with it. Only had one bean and it was female. Your mileage may vary i dunno
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  8. seeds from female clones can produce male seeds dependent on them being (pollinated by regular male plant pollen) this will produce seeds that are regular 50% male 50% female. but a female clone can also produce all female seeds if it’s pollinated by female reversed pollen. I've gotten more male plants from my dispensary than female it became a waste of time and money ( soil, nutrients, utilities) . before I started buying seeds I would ask before purchasing bud if plant was feminized or not our dispensaries grow their own bud so they would usually know. I would buy fem seeds just to take the waiting and possible waste of time.
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  9. You might find these "oldies" to be of interest.

    Influence of Environment on Sexual Expression in Hemp. (USA) (download– 1923)
    Influence of Environment on Sexual Expression in Hemp


    Now they were trying for more male plants (males produce longer, straighter fiber), so look at their "failures" to help nudge those seedlings toward the female side! :biggrin:

    There are more "less than usual" studies on growing cannabis in the "Cultivation" section of my "Granny Storm Crow's List" which you can find here- The January 2020 Granny Storm Crow's List!

    Granny :wave:
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  10. Grow it.
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  11. I got lucky and found 9 Citradelic Sunset seeds, all of which germinated. I have not found any seeds before in medical bud so it is rare, but awesome when it happens.
  12. I used to like finding medical seeds until after the first time lol when you use soil nutes and time on 7 plants and only 3 turn out female it starts to be a real waste of time and money. feminized is the way to go
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  13. I got 6 seeds from the dispensary and 5 are coming up female. The 6th happens to be a plant that just does not want to grow. Not sure if it would have been female too.
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  14. Yeah I've got one plant growing super fast, a few growing at the same pace, then I have 2 that look healthy as could be but I'm not sure if anyone's home XD.

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  15. Care to share a picture or two??
  16. Here is my plant from a dispensary seed I found It's 90 days old.a sativa, I tried fimming for the first time.but ended up as a top off. Some leaves are turning yellow, soft and later fall off, not sure what to do right now. 6FD06B9E-8674-4AEF-A6DE-2A75B6DFC8E4.jpeg 1084DE7B-C5CB-4048-8777-9AB34F49D57A.jpeg
  17. Normal enough to shed a few older fan leaves as we get close to flower. Aug 1st is when most will trigger to flower and then show sex mid August.

    Even in ground they got a bit to hot and I'm plucking a handful of yellow leaves a day.

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  18. I used nothing to kill anything and the one seed in my indica grow didn't do anything either.:watching:
  19. Beautiful set up. I wish to be able to grow that freely some day. I have to stuff as many plants I can on my small balcony. It must smell like Christmas in your yard when u start to flower!!!

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