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Seed from males??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chicago-toker, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know how long it takes for a male plant to produce seed that I can use to grow for future generations? I have a male from some ak47 seeds and thought I would move it to a secure location outside (away from the ladies that are indoors). It has just started showing the little grape clusters and I got it away from the ladies as fast as possible. How long should I wait to grab the seeds from it. Will seed from a previous generation produce alike bud or will there be a decrease in its characteristics?
  2. dont work like that...

    u need a male to pollenate a female, so the female will have seeds.....
  3. So seeds come from a female that has been pollinated. Is it worth sacrificing a female to get more seeds. (taking one for the team, sort of speak)
  4. u can take some pollen, and pollenate one branch, or u can take clones from the female....

  5. ^^^^^ or turn a female hermie to produce seeds.

    Turning a female hermie is easy. Just blast her with 1 hour of light during the dark cycle (in flowering). Then go back to dark, then resume the schedule. That'll make them hermies for sure.

    And, it'll give you feminized seeds. (If you're into that). The reason it'll give you feminized seeds, is because they were no male genetics involved with making the seeds. No pollen, so no male hormone.
  6. Hi everyone, I have 1 northern lights gone slightly hermie and 1 female durban skunk growing in my garden. They're both looking sweet and as I only have the two I can't bring myself to kill the hermie. I've been cutting the little balls off which only occur on the unhealthy looking bits so I assume it is a result of stress rather than genetics (security light?), but I have missed quite a few which have opened and probably pollonated both plants.

    My question is will the durban produce some nice feminised seeds? I assume the seeds on the northern will be rubbish probably all producing hermies. Am I correct? Thanks

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