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  1. To a newbie grower when i see feminized I'm thinking shit yea all female seeds: boss, but i now know they are genetically altered to most likely be a female Can someone please explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of feminized vs. regular? Like say i buy 5 feminized seeds for 55 dollars then +14 for shipping does that mean i am going to get say 4-5 female plants what is the success rate of a feminized seed from your personal experience I am going to post this in 1-2 other sections as i seek an intelligent answer by 6 pm eastern for i wish to order my seeds today (I will delete other threads once answered correctly)
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    Some sware by regs only, fems do have have a higher chance of turning hermaphrodite, but a lot of that is growing conditions and breeding practices. If you have the space, it's your call. If you are growing in a limited space/resources, fems are more effecient.

    In anycase, the best practice is a GOOD BREEDER. Do some research, read reviews, and make the an educated decision on your own.

    EDIT: also, search your thread title. Many threads on this topic.
  3. Norcal hit the nail on the head, but I will add in that it also depends on what type of grow you are planning.. If you are outside guerrilla then fems may be better suited because you don't have to worry about growing out a male..

    If you are growing indoor then regs may be better because you can always clone once you get a female.. No chance of hermi unless the grower causes it..

    Some good breeders to look into in random order.. Mr. Nice seeds, TGA subcool, TH seeds, Barney's farm, Mandala... I know there are more out there, but I haven't seen many bad reviews on any of these.. Hope that helps a bit.. :wave:

  4. I got my fem seeds from nirvana (white widow and jock horror ). Plants showed sex with in 1st week of flowering both females...

  5. As already mentioned, it depends on the breeder... Some feminised seeds will turn into trannys (hermies), some will be straight up males, some will be sensimillas (females)! I don't like to advertise companies on here, but the most reputable for the highest percentage of females (99.9) is Barney Farms Seeds. Any other brand name breeder you will get probably 1 male per 30 seeds, which is pretty good... The cheaper no-name (not as popular) brands, you will have one in 5 pop as a male. The totally unknowns I would not buy from, as I have in the past and a 10 pack germinated all males... So really, what you pay for is what you get in this game...

    Hope this helps.
  6. Oh, forgot to add... If you stress the shit out of the plants in the growing stage, regardless of the breeder, you will most likely get a tranny.
  7. LOL GHS has been around forever and they are hermie notorious.. just the exception to the rule huh ?
  8. ^ got a problem with me i see... Fuck off and stop commenting on my posts dick head. Green house pop more hermies than any other breeder. Ask around genius.
  9. i just don't like to name and shame companies.
  10. not here to pick a fight .. was basically agreeing with you ..
    seems like you have chip on Your shoulder this morning..relax man :smoke:
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    true was in a fucked up mood. Apologies to you mate.

    Glad That's Cleared Up!!! For The Future Please Refrain From Name Calling as it's Not Allowed Here in The City!!! **unoit**
  12. Not to hijack this thread, but is it worth it to spend the money on feminized seeds? Or is it better to plant regular seeds?
    Also another aspect to look at, knowledge obtained from growing fem or regular seeds. Do you guys think it would be better to work with regular seeds and work with males and females and become more knowledgeable about the natural cannabis plant in general?
  13. Go with the femms, you can learn more with regs I guess but if you're not breeding then you will want to get the males out of your crop.

    I've used femms from many different breeders and never had hermie yet :smoke:

  14. wish i could say that.Actually not fond of just one breeder.Had 6 different strains from same breeder and 5 out of 6 herms.I dont like to bash any breeders but 5 of 6 is rediculous.
  15. Feminized seeds are good for noobs but to really do it right, you need regular seeds. Feminized seeds are unnatural and breeding with it can end up more harm than good. You're not going to get the same vigor and many seed banks that work with feminized seeds have a history for hermies. Getting a hermie could ruin an entire flower room or worse. No one likes seeded bud.

    Besides the fact that the majority of the plants will be females, its better to do the selection yourself from a pack of F1 hybrids. I'd recommend Gage Green Genetics ( ) because they are all-natural and use organic soils. I've gotten 100% germination rates on everything so far and no hermies.

    F1 hybrids have a natural "F1 vigor" that makes the offspring grow around 25% better than normal plants. They also allow you to find the best characteristics from both parents so that you can pick your favorite look/smell/taste/high.

  16. Noobs and experts alike. Like in my original post, I would still contest that the decision between fems and regs depends entirely on what you are trying to accomplish. Breeders matter, and some of the breeders that have been around a while doing fems provide top notch smoke. Like anything else, technique & experience play a major role in quality, and this is especially true in breeding fem'd seeds.

    As to the second highlighted section, that isn't necessarily true of f1's, the ratio of males/females also depends on breeding practices, genetics, etc. But I think making the distinction between f1 hybrids, stabalized/true breeding hybrids, and IBLs and other shit is a little over the head of the typical "newbie" grower.
  17. :wave:

    hello everybody:D

    i ordered from nirvana four times the first time I got reg northern light then I got reg ice, then I went to the fem'd wonder woman and my latest order was the fem'd bubblelicious....

    my official stand is don't wast your time with regular seeds (unless your breeding) 5 fem'd seeds = 5 female plants if that doesn't happen nirvana will send you the correct seeds. its growing smart.

    now as for quality of bud & the high you get the wonder woman killed it chronic quality, looked awesome in the bag, smelled like skunk & got you stoned off your ass,
    & all five plant were like that.

    the ice and the northern light didn't produce anywhere near the wonder woman did and they didn't get me as high as that wonder woman

    as for herming none of my genetics from nirvana ever hermed on me not once(seemes very stable in that department)

    BUT .....

    I had this dispensary that delivered here in LA, this blueberry for $65 an eighth. well I found 3 seeds in that eighth. well this blue girl is incredible, big dense buds that always finished before any my other girls (mid sept). covered on every part of her with crystals and so sticky i would have to scrap the bitch off my hands after handling her. the only thing is, is that she gets those naners...... every seed had naners ... god i pray she'll bless me with more seed
    with a great strain like my blue naners are worth the trouble.

    well there you go [​IMG] my two cents

  18. The main thing I see that regular can provide you over fems is you can breed a branch of your girl and end up with plenty of seeds to last you awhile.. I just harvested a tga subcool third dimension.. Pollinated one branch with pollen pulled from a male 3-d and ended up with around 60 viable seeds..

    Just saved money since I never have to purchase the strain again and I can get something else now instead.. Then do the same thing and get a nice seed stock.. Less seed bank orders.. Less chance of getting seized.. Win, Win..

    Eventually I plan to work on cross breeding as well, but it depends on how indepth you want to learn about your hobbie.. Once you get a female you can always clone and keep a perpetual going without the worry of hermi being in the genetics :wave:

  19. samson32, that is a good point, being able to pollinate a few branches is definitely a plus because you can get all the same traits from the mother but with the seeds, you can find stuff that may be even better than the parents!

    I love getting a pack of F1 hybrids that haven't been treated with hormones or that silver shit (really unnatural shit if it turns females into males, imagine a chick GROWING a dick and a pair of balls), and popping all the seeds to experiment. My experience is that I often find at least 3 keepers from every 10 pack of seeds I purchase. From the three I usually find some variations. This allows me to pull the BEST genetic variation from the parents strains. It is like getting something no one has every grown or even seen before. I love the plethora of smells and growth structures I encounter.

    It is the only way to improve the cannabis plant beyond just what the fem breeder intended. That's why I go for natural seeds. I've been able to find phenos that people drool over and sells the best at all the clubs because I can expand my grow game by choosing exactly what I want and finding shit that is better than what many fem breeders use themselves.

  20. You cannot even base any factual finding with what you are saying. Wonder Woman, Ice, and Northern Lights are all 3 very different strains. So you have no factual proof that just b/c the Wonder Woman was fem, and the others were regulars, that the fem factor of the genetics made the Wonder Woman better. Now if you had grown fem Northern Lights or Ice side by side regular seeds of the same strain, and this was your finding, then it would have some meaning, but you did not. You cannot compare 3 very different strains and say one is more potent and yielded better due to it being fem.

    This is the best reason to use reg seeds. If you are just a commercial grower, or have limited space and do not have the space and resources to have unwanted males, then fem seeds are best. However, if you want to pursue better phenos and find better traits in a strain, not to mention never having to buy the strain again, then regs are what you want.

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