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  1. I have had nothing but terrible experiences trying to purchase seeds from Reeferman Seeds. Seems that with all the awards he has posted on his website that he's a little to impressed with himself. My first order was sent in such a cheap way that 1/2 the seeds were crushed. Of coarse he's not responsible for anything and how does he know I'm telling the truth?????????? Okay, so I do take things personally. The second time I was looking for quality beans 'they never received my order'! Never had this problem before and seeing that he only accepts cash I'm very suspicious of his character and integrity. Crazy business!!!!! I've wasted too much time and money on this piece of crap supplier and I'm looking for a reliable supplier. Any suggestions??????????:confused:

  2. I can suggest a few reputable suppliers: <- Very reputable, and you MUST check out their "Snow White" White Widow (I just planted 7 seeds, 5 sprouted.)

    Grow report on Snow White:
    Massive Thread on Snow White from Planting to Harvesting: - Sells seeds in their original packets from many growers, - Good prices, reputable imo - MARK EMERY's website - Mark Emery is the Canadian citizen fighting extradition to the US for selling seeds and being a Cannabis Advocate. [ See for information ] -- Mark Emery is VERY reputable. - I like their shipping method! [I wont discuss shipping stealth in public.] Good, reputable.

    Another great site is the MR Nice Seedbank (Check out the official website of Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice. Howard Marks is also VERY Reputable.)

    Others: - Never tried it but people say they're OK.

  3. Dude go for Dr Chronics they are reliable ive done business with them several times orders take about a week and you can even send in cash or mos. Also they are pretty cheap you can get a nice pack of beans for 15 or 20 bux.
  4. Agreed. I have not personally tried them yet but I have a friend who swears by Dr. Chronic's, especially since the guy doesn't have a credit card :)

    They're also one of the larger banks
  5. I've used Dr. Chronic several times.

    Always came through.

    Sometimes...if you're a registered member of his forum he'll throw in an extra pack of beans.
  6. used the doc 3 flawless times and had 2 flawless orders from gypsy nirvana.

    gypsy is the flat out cheapest place to get beans, but i like doc better. it costs a dollar or two more to get beans from doc, but he never stopped taking CC orders and goes the extra mile by sending reassuring "good news! you've got incoming!" emails.

    the only reason i might not order from the doc is if they don't carry a particular strain i'm looking for like burmese etc.

    sorry to hear about your bad experiences with reeferman. they never made a good impression on me just windowshopping as their site used to be nothing more than a jumbled and confusing PDF document.

    if it's their strains that made you go back a second time, get them at doc's as he just picked their line up, but he doesn't carry everything.

    if ever you get bad service from a company, don't go back. i keep going back to doc because everything there has been 100% trouble free.

    gypsy pissed me off the 1st time because the SADP skunk freebies they sent on my 1st order were 0% viable and i got the same thing on my 2nd order too and am not holding my breath on those. i also didn't like it when gypsy stopped taking CC orders, but i still recieved everything i bought there and promptly.

    doc USED TO give freebies with your first order and the troublemakers he sent were 100% viable. doc gets all the little details right. it's worth an extra dollar or two for fast CC ordering and piece of mind for me so i'm a total doc fan.

  7. Good info - Thanks. I'm about to give Doc some business.
  8. wait until that package arrives. you'll be so excited! after your first successful purchase, buying again will become ALMOST routine, but getting your beans is always the highlight of any day.

  9. Have you or has anyone bought specifically the feminized seeds from If so, were they truly all female?

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