Seed Choices (Yay or Nay?)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dartanianlives, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I know I have been flooding the forums with new posts, but how can I keep myself contained; I'm finally taking the necessary steps to grow my own buds.

    With the grow box design finalized and materials about to be purchased, it's seed time!

    Since I am new to the game, I am going to start with "cheaper" seeds I suppose. I have heard decent reports about Nirvana seeds; so I figure this is a good starting point.

    Now to the question ...

    I am going to grow two separate strains at the same time (same room). I have pinned down 4 strains to choose from, and I am looking for guidance on which would make the best companions. Anyone with experience with any of these strains feel free to leave tips as well.

    Fruity Strain: Either Bubblicious (Bubble Gum) or Papaya (Mango)
    Heady Strain: Either Northern Lights x Shiva or White Widow

    I'm trying to pick one of each type; so what would be my best bet of companions (and also ease of grow, for a newbie like me)? My personal leanings have been towards the Bubblicious and Northern Lights x Shiva combo. I have no idea how well they would accompany one another ... I noticed they have roughly similar flowering times (8/9), so I figured that is a good indictation. I wasn't sure how to compare the rest of each strain's life cycle. Comments, please!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. All of them. They all sound good. Skunk has a strong smell if smell is your concern. Northern Lights is a classic favorite. I think you can't grow wrong no matter how you divide those up.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Which one of those strains has Skunk in it? I was skimming over the descriptions, and I can't find anything with "skunk" in it. I'm sure it's obvious like Northern Lights is a type of skunk or something like that, but newbies like me who just smoke all the time sometimes don't realize that. Haha.
  4. Yeah you're right. My bad, when I saw the Shiva I was thinking about the very popular Shiva x Skunk that they crossed. Not sure if the NL is very strong smell but, it is an indica and Indicas have a tendency to smell quite strong and skunky. Sativas will generally smell more citrusy.
  5. from what i hear the bubblegum smells just like bubblegum throughout flowering. i have a 10 pack of bubblegum seeds ready to go after my girls now finish flowering. id say do some bub and some white widow. good luck dude.
  6. lol i ordered white widow and bubblicious from nirvana :) got them both growing at the moment :D

  7. I have NL flowering right now and the smell is not bad at all, it's noticable but it's not overwhelming my apartment.

  8. How many flowering plants and how far into flower are you?
  9. i saw white widow, killer of a smoke!!!
    just my 2cents, nirvana may be cheap, but iv heard mixed reviews about the strain consitency...since they try to make their own genetics its sometimes hit and miss...i buy from serious seeds, ak47, white russian, bubblegum then just get a mother and grow off her for a while...with seriousseeds the strains are always consistent, height, grow posture...THEIR GREAT

  10. Just two and only about 2 weeks in. I realize it will get worse but my roomie and I just finished the same grow with 2 females, wasn't as bad as I've smelled from others, thats for sure.
  11. That's cool Lizard.
    Thanks for the info man.
    Let me know how strong the two get.

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