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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Postal Blowfish, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I was just about to buy some seeds when I decided to check the site I was on, and found out about some bad news. Their presentation had me convinced... I dodged a bullet tonight. But now I'm back to square one on the problem of a seed source.

    I figured there would be a sticky about this, but either I'm blind of temporarily stupid as I didn't see it. There's got to be a discussion somewhere about it... seed banks? Who is good, who is bad?

    Can someone link to the thread I'm looking for? Or, I guess help start such a thread?
  2. Yes there is actually a whole section on seed banks on GrassCity. From the Forums main page scroll down to the Marijuana Growing section, and it is the last category in the section. Attitude Seed bank is highly recommended on this site, google it, there actual URL is like Attitude Cannabis seeds | Marijuana Seeds. They have a nice pick n mix section where you can buy single seeds. Also google Single Seed Centre they are also reputable. Hope this helps.
  3. placed 2 orders with attitude 7 days ago! should be here tomorrow or the next day. attitude is the ONLY way to go if you want 99% chance of getting your package. they ship stealth through customs. if your order doesn't exceed 150 dollars there is virtually no chance of getting your package taken in transit.
  4. So Postal...what did you find out about what seedbank? What bullet did you dodge?
  5. Sorry for the delay, my browser has been acting weird.

    Looks like I was temporarily stupid - can't believe I missed a whole forum about Seed Banks. :) Thanks for straightening me out.

    I can't be sure I dodged a bullet. The place I was considering ordering from was, but what I found out was that almost every site I was considering (all the positively reviewed sites from has negative reviews that were so much more difficult to find than the positive reviews. I get the impression the positive reviews are planted. The only one I found that lacked any negative reviews that I could find immediately was

    I'd much rather go with a forum like this one and reviews that are current, and so I will be checking out that other forum straight after this.

    Thanks again guys.
  6. I'd give a good review to Hemp Depot. I don't know the quality of the seeds yet (germinating now) but as far as being trusted to receive cash and prompty send a discrete package I was very satisfied.
  7. Thanks for that. While a flawless-seeming record is nice, it's also good to see a direct confirmation.

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