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Seed banks in the US

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by baileybolton, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know of a good seedbank that ships to the US and sells in US currency only?

    I woul personally perfer a seedbank that has cheaper prices and low shopping cost if possible! But any seedbank at all will do!!:)

    Thanks guys! More replies would be sweeeet!

  2. I wish... if there is one, I'd like to know too!!
  3. Try Gorilla seeds. They ship to the US, take US currency(even use Western Union), have fairly lower prices and like to send you free gifts also.
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    Search Google for Cannabis Seed USA. With all the laws changing their actually is a medical requirement to have a seed bank in the US. Considering it is illegal to import them into the US. The very first search result is what you are looking for. It has prices listed in dollars not euros and thats how you tell the difference. The seed banks that are over in the UK have their prices in Euros because they are affiliate banks for the sensible seed company and other European based seed banks, and they don't actually carry their own product. I'm starting to think Attitude and TGA are also affiliate banks as well, which means you're going through a middle-man to get your product from halfway around the world.
  5. I recently brought seeds from Herbies pick 'n mix and prices were reasonal even though I paid in £. You'll be waiting until Colorado or Washington marijuana retailers starts selling seeds in their prospective states where towns have approved recreational marijuana licensing. The UK seedbanks are still relatively cheaper compared tosite ZippoMan mentions plus you get free seeds depending on how much you spend through Herbies or Attitudes.

    I would be suspicious of Cannabis Seed USA since seeds cannot be sold legally in the U.S. under federal law over than the exception of Colorado where marijuana retailers will supposedly be able to sell seeds to Colorado residents 21 and over.

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