Seed bank says germ in baggie kills seed

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  1. Kinda pissed about this, hoped to hear other opinions.

    Recently placed an order with Hemp Depot in Canada. Recieved the beens quickly, put them in wet paper towels on a plate, stuck the plate in a ziplock baggie. After about 30 hrs 60% of the seed cracked shell - then stopped and died.

    An almost matching order was placed with Dr C and the exact same treatment given the seed. The seeds germinated in around 10-12 hours and all are happily growing like demented banchees on crack.

    Same paper towels (off same roll), same baggies (from same box), same filtered water (from same bottle), same temp for all, same - same - same... No variation between the 3 strains germed.

    I wrote Hemp Depot and politely suggested that maybe I had been sent old seed by accident. Their response to the matter was:

    "Sorry to hear of your problem. I hope you realize, that if a seed cracks open, it is viable. If it goes no further, environment is the cause.

    Not all seeds react the same way, to any given environment. What has worked well for some, may not work for all. Some will be resistant to disease, others will not be. Damping Off disease has been running rampant the last year or so.

    Sealing things up in a baggie, can often cause damping off disease, or any number of things that could be on the seed coat (shell). By sealing them up, there is no fresh air, a great place for rot or disease.

    Did you read our disclaimer, prior to ordering?"

    The problem is: I have germinated seed this exact same way for over THIRTY years now without any problems at all. In my opinion, wet paper towels in a warm baggie does NOT kill seed!

    I know all about 'damping off' and the need for proper air circulation. I also know exactly what old and/or invaliable seed does - it cracks shell and dies, almost every time, eh?

    What do you guys think? Bad seed or bad germinating technique?

    An old hippy's money is a terrible thing to waste...
  2. Well, I haven't heard of Ziploc poisoning syndrome, but that's not to say it's untrue. There is something logical in their statement: "if a seed cracks open, it is viable. If it goes no further, environment is the cause." Probably mostly correct but not sure I would say it is absolutely always true no matter what. When the seeds cracked did a taproot come out?

    Personally I don't use the baggie technique because I fear that air quality and/or temps inside could be hard to control. Not sure if this is a case study in confirming my suspicions or if it's just bad luck or bad seeds.

    The reality is they will either act like good guys here or they won't, not much you can do about it. Ask them again nicely for a replacement, possibly mention very nicely that you are posting this issue on several MJ online forums for advice (don't make a threat, they can take a hint) and see if that will get them to send a replacement. If not, then we all know of another seedbank to avoid.

    Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana both are reputable, responsive, good selection, and decent prices -- I wonder why people take chances elsewhere?
  3. Good seed .....Bad seed either way they should have sent ya' some new beans :eek:

    Neville or the Boys at S.S.S.C.(Back in the day)would have made it "Right"
    As would "The Doc" today :)
    I see by yer' name ya' remember the SSSC did ya' ever smoke M48? She is my all time favorite :cool:
  4. that sucks seeds are expensive, they are bullshitting you i think
  5. I'm sorry to say man, but im sorta glad to hear that there is someone that this happened to because i had never heard of it, but it happened to me...I attempted to germ roughly around like 50 seeds using the napkin in a ziplock bag...and only 2 germed which also DIED!...It sprouted great, but for some reason after like 3 or 4 days of great attention and care, it just died on seeds were bagseed seed, but some that a friend of mine used before..nd its some pretty good basically, maybe this poisoning thing can happen who knows...hey lemme know if u find out more on why this happens..:(
  6. i love when people bump ancient threads.

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  7. That is not my experience. I had some rather old seeds this year that cracked open, but were determined to grow no more. Fresher seeds that I bought to replace them were much more fertile, and grew much more luxuriantly, with long taproots in a day or so. In both cases, same environment, same soil , same water, same temperatures.

    And why not bump old threads - if the info is still relevant.
  8. nothing against it at all, i do indeed love it. means they came here to learn and discuss. 100% what a forum should be.

    i'll add info as well. in my experiance you can tell old vs new seeds pretty easily. some old ones i've encountered took 36 hours to show a taproot then another 3 full days to sprout. but some fresher seeds i have just germ'd took 24 hours (which was too long, i was gone) to be planted and only another 36 before they were standing at attention.
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    Germed 10 White Widow from 5 years ago (so the seeds were at least 5 years old) and 3 freebies from Dr. Chronic (also minimum age of 5 years). This just happened about 3 months ago.

    Out of the 10 WW, only 2 showed a taproot, and they did not sprout. All 3 freebies cracked, but 1 had a shorter and skinnier taproot. This plant sprouted half-dead cotyledons and was gone within 48 hours. The other 2 freebies were fine.

    I know the thread is old, but Cantharis is right... this question comes up from time to time and there's good information here that somebody will find useful.

  10. dampening off is something anyone who sprouts ANY seeds and has a high RH should look for....and a sealed ziploc laying around in the summer with wet paper towles insde will have a high RH.... may I suggest you use soemthing that has more space insde ..allowing you to "absorb" a few points of RH a "tupperware" dish .

    opening the dish or bag to relive some of this accumulated moisture once in awhile isn't a bad idea either.

    also get you beans in soil/hydro medium as soon as possible ...once the bean is cracked and the tap root starts to "push" it is IMHO best to get em "down".

    Dont you think that if ziploc baggies "poisoned" seeds that we would tell everyone not to use bagseeds...instead it is the opposite.... think people, its not hard. ;)

    ..and a customer complaint that ends with "did you see our disclaimer?" would never get any buisness from me again....cause all it says to me is "did you see our cop'out?"

    just my .02 , peace and good luck
  11. Wow that makes lotta sence sorta, cus i did do baggie and some did die, and i did without and 5 outta seven germed and they sprouted good, im gonna try without in tha future.
  12. [quote name='"hellmutt boones"']Wow that makes lotta sence sorta, cus i did do baggie and some did die, and i did without and 5 outta seven germed and they sprouted good, im gonna try without in tha future.[/quote]

    Use a tupperware and open it once or twice a day for air exchange 100% germ rate
  13. Thread necro is necro, TWICE. Stop it. Mods please lock this ancientness.
  14. [quote name='"Maverick1987"']Thread necro is necro, TWICE. Stop it. Mods please lock this ancientness.[/quote]

    Actually I have been around for a while and never seen this. I found it interesting.

    I did Tupperware with paper towels for a while and had great luck. Since have switched to rapid rooters and love them.
  15. I dunno buddy, I've done that same baggie germ technique for over 30 years without problem. I still think Hemp Depot is FOS.

  16. So who would you suggest, you may have just saved me from a bad mistake :p

    I reverse previous comments about necro :p
  17. Me like Attitude and Nirvana. Both seem reliable and honest.
  18. Anyone Canadian? I'm worried about those border bitches.
  19. I soak till they crack and used to put them in paper towel in a baggie until I got pink mold on the towel and the root..didn't hurt them but I dont want to risk it so just leave the paper towel out and keep it moist..100% germ still
  20. Damn it old thread

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