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See the other side of people?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by razonx, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. do any of you guys when you're around certain people just see straight threw them and can see there real "thoughts" or another side of them?

    i find it really hard to get along with people because of this , i dont know whether or not its a personality problem or not but fuck, makes things difficult at times...

    i dont know whether or not this is a good thing or not in the long run but atm its definatly not good but if anyone has had this problem and overcome it halp please =(

    but yeah, anyone else every been like this or similiar?
  2. it sounds like you have a hard time trusting people...and maybe you are just thinking that you are seeing something that isnt really there. Give people a chance b4 just counting them out. Next time youre around some new people instead of trying to "see through" them just give them the benefit of the doubt of being good people....Most people are alright if you give them a chance.
  3. I used to feel like this not too long ago when i was high only, its like i knew who they really were, i almost felt like it was a bad thing to see the bad things in people that i didnt really dislike. I got past that after i stopped caring and kept thinking 'this is what the weed is doing'. Idk if my situation is similar but if its not then those people should just be considered fakes if you can see past them so easily while sober.

  4. makes alot of sense what you just said, ty..i do have ALOT of trouble trusting people.
  5. just give people a chance start slow...maybe tryto befriend someone here on these boards...then work your way up to people in the real world

  6. yeah, would be nice to find someone like that =( trouble is i live in australia so hard to find ppl on around my time lol
  7. well yeah im only up bc my sleep meds havent kicked in yet lol what time is it there lol? its 300 am here in ga,usa
  8. 7pm =D lol
  9. lmaooooooooo whats australia like?
  10. Hot, too hot atm lol but yeah its good though it's isnt the way they make it out to be in some places...just my opinion.

    what about you ? :p
  11. no koala bears and kangaroos lol :)? Its hot here too (the south is usually warm) i wanted to live in australia my mom is convinced ill get killed bc ill be the only blk person there lol ive told her there are lots of black ppl in australia

  12. haha, theres kangaroo's the koala's are out and about but not in your backyard as they make it out to be lol...though i dont live in bush so yer ;D

    and naah, nobody is really singled out here not saying it doesnt happen but hey, happens everywhere =P
  13. australia is said to be even more tolerant than the uk or canada ....are the winters harsh like around christmas

  14. I think you are seeing your own "real thoughts" and straight through yourself, rather than seeing their true self or their true thoughts. I think we create our own demons, and understanding that is a step closer to realizing oneself. Then again, it could be a combination of both people being stoned and paranoid, effecting both individuals in an awkward way. I dunno, im trashed man.

  15. winters hmm, not really lol can be cold but its nothing your gonna lose sleep over >.<

  16. yeah, thing is even when im not stoned i get VERY anti social - sad to say that but i just get really worried im gonna be laughed at if i try and spark a conversation, where as for bud it can make me want to meet new people but when i do i like over analyse?
  17. When i'm stoned I sometimes like just like see that some people are completely full of shit and I see through all there actions and see there true intentions. And It sounds like you might have social anxiety. After smoking weed for a long time I've developed this but If I stop smoking for a week it goes away

  18. i really think you hit the nail on the head anxiety.

    its so hard to talk about to people but i spose Grasscity is a decent place LOL :p
  19. ya I used to love to go party with my friends but after smoking weed for a while I had a really hard time socializing with people I wasn't really close with. Alcohol used to help me be more social but after a while It didn't help either. But I just took a t-break and I felt so much more social and have been having a lot more fun when I go out.

  20. =( wish i could just quit but its opposite for me, i CAN get social when im high but not always - though i will add im not smoking top of the line bud. and you feel embarrassed to talk to people about it so you avoid going to "doctors" etc..sigh


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