see in the dark with cannabis

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  1. just smoked a while ago and I had to fan out my room so I opened a window and kept hearing stray cats running around in the grass at night I look outside and it would usually be really dark(no street lights), but I saw two cats running around the It was shadowy but I could see their eyes and body really good, the first cat left, but the second cat kept walking away, stopping and looking at me because I was eyeing it down in darkness, then I checked it out online and I found THIS!

    Better night vision through cannabis | Education | The Guardian
  2. :laughing:
  3. im gonna try to find some more info.
  4. I found that out tonight as elaboration
  5. Man one time i was really baked and swear i could see everything in my room plain as day with my eyes closed, in the dark.
  6. I can always see cats in the dark, they have glowing eyes.
  7. I'm going to have to test this out sometime.
  8. I bet spec ops are all pot fiends
  9. Not only that, but it also helps you be a more courteous driver and more likely to obey the rules of the road. At least in my case that is.
  10. Its true, i spent last night in the bush camping, and i got too high so my fire went out but all of a sudden i could see everything around me anyway.
  11. Your eyes adapt to the darkness after a while and you're able to see better. Plus there can be nearby lights.

  12. yea but thatts not to say that weed increases visability in low light areas

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