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see if ya can figure this one out...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. ok. this pic was done as an advertisement for a lubrication gel (K-Y equivelent), but they didn't wanna make it distasteful... so they got their point across in a very subtle way. it's one of the small details on the pic, but once you notice it, it's a great laugh. :D

    good luck!

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  2. hahaha it took a good five minutes before i got it
  3. im ripped, so i may need a hint

  4. it's more fun if you figure it out on your own, so i'm not gonna give any hints... if after awhile you still don't get it PM me and i'll tell ya.
  5. OUCH!! but she likes it!
  6. ew? lol..
  7. damn....she'd need a lot of lube for that to work.
  8. That is TOO funny!! But there is something that reminds me of an ex-girlfriend....... I think it's how she's sitting. lol
  9. Very nice ad. I hope her lover is built like a fireplug.
  10. Ha ha I get it, that's a good one.
  11. lol... rock on
  12. i dont get it ... im baked .. could someone explain it to me?
  13. oooohhhhhh... nm .. i get it
  14. oh my god LOL
    i noticed it the first time i looked today!! im not as high as i was last night





    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! that nubbin?



  17. What is her name. She should be able to handle me with out screaming all the time.. Damn!
  18. Oh my god, Bud Head! I should've know you'd have some crack like that. What is it that they say about men who really think that their package is the shit??????

    I'm just kidding! No, really, I am!

    I looked at it and noticed that but thought surely not and then I looked again and thought, yep, surely.
  19. You know I don't lie.. I didn't say anything about size, that is what went through your mind! LOL

    BTW she would never know i was even there!
  20. I know it...I'm stoned and watching boys play football on TV...I suppose my mind is wandering around right now.

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