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  1. Have had these buds for 5months or so now. Not sure if there is mold on them and Im having anxiety over the issue. Anybody tell me if their is mold on these? Also this is only half the stash would I have to inspect the whole thing or if there is mold on some would it be evident on all? I have like 10 pics but ill do them in seperate posts cause it keeps freezing my browser.

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  2. Should be two more..

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  3. And a couple more..... They look dank to me in the pics, but the buds themselves are hard to tell if that makes sense. I would just love for someone who knows what they are talking about, unlike myself, to give a definite answer so I can stop worrying.

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  4. It looks ok. Did you see any mold on it before you harvested?
  5. Sorry about the 2 at a time, won't let me do anymore it keeps messing up.

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  6. at phenotype, I didn't harvest these I bought them. They were pretty moist when I got them and I did my best to dry them (burping jars)
  7. Eh... who knows then.

    I looked at that fifth picture again and that tip looks a little fuzzy...
  8. second is of a leaf that has brown on it... not sure what that means. Not all the leaves have this but a good amount. Idk there is no bread mold looking stuff, just want to make sure guys. Im kinda paranoid and I want to be as healthy as possible. Anybody else on here at GC who knows a lot about mold have input. @The lebowksi???? Atleast i think thats you name, you seem to know a lot on the subject

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  9. thats some fucked up lookin bud. dont know about mold, but something about it just doesnt look...healthy :/
  10. If you dry it too slow it sometimes starts turning brown so I would definitely be careful.
  11. Also this is one jar and I still have another, I just seperated them. Is it worth posting more pics or should these be representative of the whole batch? It all seems to look about the same to me. Some tiny spots look iffy but most of all the same.
  12. I smoked some moldy bud yesterday and I'm fine. I didn't get a headache or anything so I think you're good. It was only on the stems so I just did my best to pick off the clean buds...

    That weed was really shady though lol it some kind of crazy crystals on it that were not trichomes. I know they weren't cause they were square crystalas and trichomes are like little bubbles.
  13. You could always make some firecrakers...

    At least its better than wasting it or putting it into your lungs.
  14. Yeah I have a vape though and I could make the rest of this last a few months longer with that.
  15. Clear your mind, dude. There is definitely no mold on any of the nugs in the pics. If you have a separate jar you might want to check that. But all the bud in the jar you got those buds from will be alright.
  16. it all looks good to me. some leaves are brown because there super dry.
  17. Thanks guys for the input, not just those who said it was fine but those who had some doubts as well. I think it looks good but I'm still stressing. Also if it has been good for 5 months already, could it essentially be good for 5 more as long as i don't expose it to anymore moisture?
  18. Just looks like decent bud man, I think you're freaking out for no reason. If you really want, you can decarb them in the oven in a baking tray, set the temp as low as your oven goes and just leave them for a couple minutes.
  19. Yeah it's hard to say but you're probably ok. If you have a 30x scope or higher you can look at the crystals and see if they're capped. If you see microscopic white fuzzies or hairs, that's mold.
  20. thanks guys, anybody have any other input? Will it taste significantly different in the vape? Any other indicating factors?

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