Secretly Gave Bf Medicated Truffle. Now He Is Flipping Out.

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  1. I feel really bad. I gave my man a half of truffle that was medicated, and didn't tell him. He doesn't smoke, so he doesn't have a tolerance, but he supposedly recently smoked like 6 bowls about a month ago w/o me at a friends so I figured it would be chill just to give him half of a truffle...especially if he could handle 6 bowls. I figured that there was no harm done, but OMG, was I wrong. Soooo wrong.
    So, I'm pretty stoned myself and honestly really underestimated the potence of these here truffles, wow oh wow. Lol.
    Anyways, we both start getting the munchies and everything is okay, he is doing just fine.
    I made him and I a pb&jelly sandwich and after I gave it to him, he jumped up 1 min later like, "what did you put in those sandwiches?!"
    Me: Nothing, what are you talking about...
    Him: No, I know you did something, you put like cocaine in them! My heart is beating all fast!
    Me: *Laughing* no I didn't...what the fuck are you talking about?
    At this point I realized he was probably freaking out from the medicated truffles, so I tried to calm him down, but nothing worked.
    He ended up walking off to the neighbors saying I drugged him (like in a bad way)
    Finally, the neighbor leaves and says he doesn't wanna get in the middle because I handled the situation pretty well...
    My guy on the other hand is not doing so well, and is pretty fucked up but honestly...and I mean honestly...he is kind of a narcissistic hypocrite who gets what he deserves.
    Anyways, I just want some advice.
    Should I tell him they were thc medicated or just stay quiet and act like idk what's going on?
    I just can't believe he's handling this high like this lol I thought it would be fun.
    Especially since he is always bashing weed and "stoners" ;)
    But idk. Things kinda backfired.

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    Tell him so he can calm the Fuck down. Oh and edit your post take out the other drug and just put unmentionable.

    Don't secretly drug your boyfriend again..
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    wow what the fuck.
    you ought to be arrested. your boyfriend could press charges against you.
    do you not realize that edibles are far more potent than smoking? and that the high is quite fucking different?
    edit - i think there are plenty of issues in your relationship without secretly drugging your boyfriend. the way you worded a couple of things makes me think you wanted this outcome. but seriously, you thought it would be a good idea to give someone who doesn't even smoke an edible? it didn't cross your mind that the person might not handle it well?
    whatthefuck. i should stop using this forum.
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    Lmao maybe you should at least tell him its weed and not unmentionables, that might help him calm down a bit. And maybe once he calms down give him some mind blowing sex, that should help him forgive you :laughing:
  6. damn honey.
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    You should be honest.  That was pretty fucked up and honesty might be the only way to mend this dilemma now
    Tell him how bad you feel for doing it, which I'm sure you do
  8. when did this dude come back?
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    And if he doesn't know, explain to him the higher points of weed consumption and how harmless it is
    And srsly, if he constantly bashes need to open his eyes to the ignorance of that..or be done with him
  10. Secretly drugging people is fucking low
  11. Well the way I see it is she got him trippin out the least she could do is turn it into a "pleasurable" experience ;)
  12. Never dose people without their knowledge.
    i've witnessed two people who knowingly ate 1/4 and 1/8 of a small cookie (half dollar size) and freaked out.
    in both cases, there was no turning it around for them. anxiety like you wouldn't believe.
    my mother won't smoke with me to this day because of the 1/4 cookie she ate.
  14. Yeah edibles can be so intense on the mind and body
  15. Because giving someone drugs without consent helps the sterotype. Not bashing you just saying you need to think things through.
    Yes tell him its THC and get him in a bed with food, water and a funny movie on and relax with him.
  16. Well i did tell him. He is kinda laughing it off right now.
    And like I said he supposedly smoked 6 bowls of weed about a month ago... And yes...I know that the potencey is different but I figured six bowls can be equal to one half of a serving of an edible...
    Idk. He is still just really high.

  17. Shit, you can drug my truffles all day long. 
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    yes.. my girlfriend ate 1/8 of one of those cookies, and couldn't stop moving back and forth. it was an unconscious movement and she had absolutely no control over it. my mother, who has breathing problems, felt like she couldn't breathe.
    anywhere in your "figuring", did you think about the time span in which he smoked those six bowls? or did you just assume it was all done at once? also, typing "supposedly" implies a disbelief, in which case WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DRUG YOUR BOYFRIEND?!
  19. You have really small tits. 
  20. Yes, not only is it stronger but a completely different experience

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