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  1. have you ever ran out of deodorant and had to wear your wife or girlfriends? im so low on money right now i have been sportin secret all week.. and i must say i feel pretty damn fresh.
  2. Girls dig the feminine scents anyway.
  3. i've had to use some guy deodorant before. :eek:
  4. My dad uses secret for women.

    I would always tease him about it.

    "It says for women right on the bottle"

    He would always say that its what works best for him.

    Cant argue with that.
  5. i dunno if it was secret but had to wear gf's deodorant before. started carrying around a travel bag with the personals (toothbrush, deodorant, scope, etc...) in my car now after sleeping over at my gf (now ex) that had some weak ass deodorant and oodles of hairspray but no gel at all and I had to be at work in 10 minutes. I didn't bother shaving - shaved with a girl's razor once and vowed never again. So like 1/2 through the work day I was smelling and looking pretty manly. by manly i mean like a dude who partied all night and didnt wake up at home.
  6. Shit I use that Secret Clinical Strength stuff. The one that smells just like straight powder. It's the only one that doesn't make me itch, and I sweat like a fucking elephant and this stuff keeps the funk at bay.

    Ain't nothing wrong with smelling fresh. The ladies have always enjoyed it
  7. I need to find something that stops me from sweating. I don't smell if I wear deodorant but I always still sweat through my shirts.. its so lame!
  8. psh whatever. i've worn men's deodorant when i desperately needed to.

    rather smell like a dude than sweat.
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    Thankfully no, I was under the impression it shouldnt be worn every day, only days when predicted needed. Course then again, i shower 3 times a day.
    Isnt there an ingredient in some known to cause lymph cancer?

  10. haha, i think my dad used to ear secret, too!
    totally forgot until i read this.

    but he's moved on to manly deodorant now. :cool:

  11. :eek: the FDA letting something pass inspection that has been shown to cause cancer?????
  12. Lol some sort of metal?

  13. i heard something in there may cause or lead to or something about alzhiemers(sp?)...
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    There is aluminum in some deodorant.

    Keep in mind its not like there is a shredded pop can in there or anything.
  15. lets all take some vioxx, the FDA said that was safe?
    it didnt killl like 400,000 people or anything:p

  16. Elephants sweat?
  17. They do somethin to smell like hell. Yeah I've had to use it it was uncomfortable as fuck cause I usually use like a stick and this was some gel crap it was all wet and gooey. I hated it.
  18. Women's deodorant is the only shit that works for me.

    Men's deodorant is fucking weak and runs when I sweat. Women's shit doesn't get runny, kills any smell and doesn't feel fucking weird.

    Secret FTW.
  19. Not me, but for some reason I can only use Speed Stick, the transparent solid kind or I get a rash all over my arms.

  20. i have always been a brut guy.. but i like this secret.. 5 hours and its still goin strong

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