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  1. Well I finally decided to start growing. I'm tired of dealing with sketchy people to get my green goodies. I wanted a very discrete set up, so I made a secret room with a hidden door. It's probably 2ft x 7ft and 7ft tall. I have a 400 watt hps/mh light hanging in there. I went hydro and decided to use a drip system after doing a lot of research. It seemed simples, cheapest, and can produce high yeilds. I have a carbon filter along with a muffler attatched to my fan. I painted two walls flat white, and put mylar on the other two. I'm excited to finally be on my way!

    Let me know what you think

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  2. Damn, one of the coolest trapdoor setup's i've seen so far!

    I wish you the best of luck
  3. I think, it is the awesome.
  4. Looks awsome!!!! That is bad ass!!!
  5. Holy shit dude, do work son.
  6. Thanks guys it took a lot time to make it work. Ill be sure to post pics of the final product...
  7. how many plants are you plannign to grow in there?

    and if i read correctly, your doing an all hydro system?
  8. Makes my grow look like shit ..
  9. This is very cool looking and I look forward to seeing this thing work. Maybe turn this into a journal
  10. agreed. you should start a grow journal in the forum dedicated to it, then give us the link so we can follow along. I'm diggin that setup
  11. Then again you go through all that trouble and post it online..... Its not secret anymore :p

    and yes, his secret grow room makes most peoples look like shit, especially mine! Its just sitting there with dangle lights, no secret or james bond stuff :( I would have a hell of a time pretending I was an agent and sommersaulting to the hidden room across the floor. dun dun dun!
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    I have 6 in there now that I have brought up from a seed. I'm using seeds from random bags so I have to plant a few and pray that I get a couple females. I have two buckets, each of them with separate water. I'm using a bubbler drip system set on a timer approximately 50% of the time they are on. It's a nice setup because I have one little airpump that takes care of both buckets. It's really simple...
  13. Sounded like a good idea guys... so here it is... Secret Grow Room... - Forums

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