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Discussion in 'General' started by TomballGuy05, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. Last night I took 300mg of DXM in the RoboGels (took a whole bottle) and I want to try it again next weekend, but I want to get to the third plateau so I can start hallucinating. If I took two bottles of RoboGels, would I get to the third plateau? How should I take them...last night I took 5 every 10 minutes for 40 minutes.
  2. dude.. if you wanna trip off of a drug, get some acid or shrooms... they're safer (in my opinion), and they're a better trip. DXM is not a hallucinogen, it's a dissociative. Stick with the hallucinogens if you wanna see stuff... you'll def. have a good time, and a much cleaner trip
  3. if its only your first few times then yea, 40 robogels will definitely get you to the 3rd if not 4th plateau, its pretty intense, so jus remember, u aint gonna die haha, thats the important part, u aint gonna die even though u feel like your bein lifted up towards the light. unless of course u mixed it with sumthin else (other than weed) then maybe u could die.


    and as for how to take them, i jus eat em one or 2 at a time at a comfortable rate, so jus eat em at a comfortable rate and dont slam em down (i did that n puked) n it should be good.
  4. I am going to do acid, but I wanted to do this first...we actually were going to do acid this weekend but we ended up not because the guy I was with didn't want to try it that time. I weigh 130lbs. so 300mg would be 5mg/kg so 600mg would be 10mg/kg and that would put me into the Third Plateau according to:

    So I just don't know how I should space out the pills...
  5. Ya man, 600mg should be good...maybe even go up to 700-800. Im 145lbs and Ive done 550mg, and Id say it was a high 2nd plateau, not a 3rd. I might have a bit more tolerance than you though, I dunno Im just throwin out some ideas.

    Ive never actually gotten open eye visuals on DXM, but a good way to get closed eye visuals is to lie down in a dark room, and listen to some music. Whatever music you want to listen to, I found white zombie to be my favourite. Astro Creep 2000 all the way.
  6. if anyone wants to get open eye visuals on OTC pills this is how ya do it, take 12(no more than 16, u'll convulse) benadryl and about 20 robo gel caps (no more than 30, u'll die with the mixture) and after awhile you'll start to get kinda tired, shit will start waving, u'll think people are there that arent, you'll look turn around and not have a clue where you are cuz ur so dumb, and you look like a zombie.

    kinda like pcp, although i've never tried pcp so i couldnt tell u how it compares but its basically jus massive delirium. done it a few times, got hospitalized from it to.

    i dont advise anyone to do that shit though unless u really really r willing to risk having seizures or even possibly dieing in order to trip with open eye visuals/delusions.
  7. you sound like me when i first started, the second time i took 2 bottles of the robo gells, yes youll get exactlly what your lookin for if u take 2 bottles. I do recommed spacing out your doses jst a lil, those robogells have a tendency to make u puke when alot are takin at the same time like that.
    What id really recommed tho is gettin a bottle of 4oz robo Max strength and a bottle of gells, take the gells first, then in about 45min take the max strength. If your lookin for a high plat trip youll need 600+ if u weigh 130
    make sure u have sumthing in your stomach not a full meal but jst sumthin crackers, chips, bread would probably be the best.

    Ya and remember that your not dying, its jst such a weird feeling, one that you have nvr felt before thats why people think they are dying.
    After about 2hours from when u took it make sure your sumwhere, where u can lye down and relax, if u get to a high 3rd or low 4th, your guna be on your ass, you wont be able to move or even comprehend moving. Dont be laying out in the living room if u live with your parents cause they will probably call 911 if they see u laying on the floor all fucked up. you wont be able to communicate, so.. ya good times
    have fun and be carefull, high plateus are alot diffrent then lower ones.

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