Second Time Major Problem With Pc

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  1. So this is the second time ive had this problem.. something to note is im on a different hard drive than the first time. 
    Everytime i start up my computer it gets only 2 screens in, so this is BEFORE the login screen, and it automatically restarts.  Verifying DMI pool data is the last thing it says on my screen. no error messages or anything. 
    first i thought this problem had to do with the HD so i got a new one. the only thing i transferred over was some pictures i took with my camera. thats it. im only 2-3 months in with this new hard drive and its already doing the same thing. im on a different computer now as i cant log in what so ever. not on safe mode not on anything. 
    any help i would be greatly appreciate. does anyone know where this problem stems from? is it not my hard drive,, maybe motherboard or some shit? i dont even know. 

  2. would also like to add i tried removing my ram sticks one at a time to see if that was the problem. but no luck. 
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    If it's not your hard drive, sounds like your power supply. Typically that's what happens when the comp doesn't have enough power to keep running so it shuts itself down to prevent any damage to the rest of the computer. same thing happened to me with my old computer. changed out the power supply for a much cheaper, weaker one. worked fine for about 6 months, crapped out again. So i decided to say fuck it and get a 700 watt power supply for my new computer. been running lika boss ever since. anyway, depending on what kind of computer and hardware you have. a new power supply can be anywhere between $50-400+ 
    hope this helps somewhat
  4. right on thanks for the response.
    i assumed if it was the power supply it wouldnt work at all. or for like a month tops. but ive had this power supply and computer for years so you think thats still a possibility? i believe its 550watt which seems like it should be good for what i have. i upgraded like 4-5 years ago and didnt spend to much. i remember my dad always saying things about the power supply and to make sure i got a bigger one than what i needed. 
    after the first time this happened i replaced the hard drive and it seemed to work perfectly. with all this info do you still think its possible its the power supply?
    thanks for the reply!
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    Well what happened with me is it tried to turn on the dozen times i tried to get it to work. then eventually it didn't turn on at all. and 4-5 years is quite sometime for a power supply. i dunno if you use an air duster on your hardware regularly, but if you don't, it can really ware on the fans and cut down on their lifetime significantly. the longest i had a powersupply last was about 5 years and that was without cleaning it. so i would not be surprised if age is the case.
    i dont use an air duster or anything but i have opened it up 4-5 times so once a year id say to clean it as best as i could. one thing with the power supply is if it was that it wouldnt run at all correct? or could it do what its doing now, trying to run but constant restarts i guess? but im sure i could leave it on all night in the bios screen or something would that disprove if it was the power supply or not? sorry for all the questions! haha. 
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    Power supplies don't have to be completely dead to cause problems. You should go to your bios and disable automatic restart on errors. Hopefully instead of restarting, you'll get a blue screen with an error. Write the error down and google it.
  8. Try getting into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
    Tap F8 as the system is turned on.
    If you get there, type chksk /r
    It will claim it can't lock the drive should it run at next boot (Y/N)
    Select Y
    Type in shutdown -r -t 20
    If Safe mode does not boot, then see if there is a menu option to turn off automatic reboot on error.

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