Second time growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Prop420, May 5, 2016.

  1. Ok its week 4 of flower unknown bagseed im uaing ocean forest and 3 gal smart pot i Was just trying to get feed back on how im doing so far....i take all types of critiques so lay it on me

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  2. What lights are you running my friend
  4. Need pics.

    And try get some more lights in there
  5. Tips of leaves

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  6. Looks pretty good for the lights you got in there. Those buds are pretty frosty.

    You should probably add more, but I really think you should move up to a hps next round.
  7. Too much heat and $$$ on bills
  8. Hi not bad so far so brill. As above ... more light and a bit more training next time love. Looks good for wat ya light ya got though. Oh tips is prob a touch of nute burn but ya still dun gud to say ya made it to 4 wks flower luv. So more lights. More training. Ph tester etc next time . Well dun and gud look love x
  9. Thank u thank you kym and yea i will def get all the extra stuff next run nd train it a little better thank you all for tips and should the buds swell up more in the last few weeks??
  10. Hi prop.. yes love .. defo swell more as they mature.. keep me up dated how ya get on love. but first grow etc ya doing ok xxx

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