Second Largest Pot Party in US History!

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    The second largest pot party in the history of the united states, only outdone by woodstock, occurred on the 100th anniverssary of our country's independance.
    In American it was normal to consume marijuanna within sweets for medical/social purposes.
    However on this day, an Arabian king/prince (i forget) came to america, and as his gift he brought a bunch of pot and introduced the act of smoking pot instead of eating it to america.
    He celebrated this pot smoking with government officials which included congress, president, etc...:smoking:
    We're more like our forefathers than we thought! :hello:

    Saw this on the History Channel, so yes it is legit.
  2. I like your vibes man. :wave:
  3. sounds sweet. Where the hell did you hear that?
  4. I was watching the history channel
    They had a special about the history of mary jane and i couldn't resist watching it
  5. its not the fucking history channel

    its History
  6. Cool... I'd like to see come citatons...
  7. My bad suburbantoker. But yeah it was legal back then.
    Now i know how they lived without TV. Smoked all day:smoke:

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