Second Indoor Organic Grow

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    This is my second indoor organic grow. A humble little grow. My first grow was successful up to 12/12, before my ex-partner took my plants...haven't heard from him since. :mad:.
    As I was his apprentice, I look forward to any constructive, helpful, positive advice from pro, long-time growers.

    Soil: Garden Safe All-Natural Organic All-Purpose Potting Soil
    Fertilizer: All Natural Organic Neptune's Harvest Seaweed Fertilizer
    Hormones: SUPERthrive (unsure about organic)

    I currently have them under a small gro-light from Wal-Mart, just getting them out of the soil. I am about to advance in a bigger light.

    Looking forward to helpful advice. :smoking:
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  2. Good luck bro.

    HPS 600W FTW.

  3. I have been taking them out into the sun occasionally, and hope to do that more often. Has anyone experienced dual indoor + outdoor growing? I still cannot afford a high watt lamp, but hope to soon.
    Grow began 8-5-08.

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  4. OK I am going to give ya two different views on this one. First will be the harsher one from the growers perspective. You really need to be better prepared for growing Cannabis. 1 floro tube is barely enough lumens for the sprouts. Ideally you want to have at least your vegging lights ready to go beore germination. Get yourself a few 40- 60 watt CFL's (20-50$) and get those little guys some light. The biggest issue ya have it looks like it stretching and nute burn. You already stated ya learned that though. So if you want this to go anywhere, get some CFL's immediately. Now from the smokers view, any growing get a little experience. Just take this as a learning try and if ya can get some CFL's you can save them. Ideally you should be trying to keep a few small plants till ya find a female and then do your damn best to grow out 1 as quality as possible. After a full grow you will feel alot beter about expanding if ya want and applying more techniques. Make sure ya let the plants get dry before watering,no nutes for now and keep them close to those lights.

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