Second Grow ever. (Just got some questions)

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  1. hey everyone. this is my second grow ever and i just have some general questions. my first grow was a complete failure because my plant was just so tall and had so little nodes but on my new plant i topped it a few times so now it has 8 tops and it is small and bushy. it was vegging for 4 weeks and i just switched it into flowering today. and im wondering, how long it will take to form buds, how long it will take to flower, and what is a estimated yeild for a plant like this. i think the strain is either Bubba kush, Blueberry, or Purple Kush. i will post a picture of my plant tommrow.(she is in night time right now). Thanks in advance everyone
    PS. Im new here and this is my first post so if im in the wrong place of something please dont be too harsh on me  :smoke:  :confused_2:

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