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Second grow, critical kush

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Genocide, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. This will be my second indoor grow, first was from clones i harvested 140 grams dried n cured from 5 plants.

    This grow will be ran about the same exept now i have a ec/ppm tester and have critical kush( barneys farm) seeds from the seed bank.


    will be vegging under t5 flourescents, flowering under 400watt hps with 48 watts side lighting from t5's in black n white poly'd room with 2 oscilating fans. Plants will end up in 5 gallon pots

    nutrients i will be using are superthrive, dutch nutrient formula veg n bloom along with unsulphured mollasses and monsterbloom 0-50-30 for flowering

    Will update with picture at first sprout
  2. anyone grown this strain?
  3. 2 of the seeds germinated in paper towel poped and have been placed in soil, i expect them to emerge within a day or 2 :D
  4. Gc doesnt want to let me load pics

    first sign of life! :)

  5. sprout number 2 has shown her face today
  6. sprouts looking real nice heres some pics




    Some tomatoes i grew in pots

  7. I was debating trying this strain it it's really hard to find quality info. I'll watch this thread and think about this strain for my next grow in 3 months. Good luck!
  8. Anything critical is great. They grow really fast and have a lot of tops. I have a critical sensi star going now and you are gonna be happy with that choice. Was thinking of getting a critical kush next.:)
  9. lets get critical :hello::smoke:
  10. :) you will be happy.
  11. sprout 1 and 2 are chugging along nicely, number 3 had a 1/4 inch of taproot showing from the seed last night n i buried it in the middle of a rockwool cube last night thinking it would have poped this morning but it hasnt
  12. Awww...little baby kush! They look happy.
  13. ya i think so too :D

    i have been wondering y the others havent poped so i dug at 1 and found it sprouted n trying to go to the side of the rockwool cube so i kinda helped it a little bit hopefuly i see some action from her now lol
  14. Cool! How old are they again?
  15. the big girl there poped her head up above soil on the 20th
  16. the next one on the 21st and the third finaly coming up today on the 25th :D
  17. Hell yea! Looks like you got yourself a grow!:) I'm bout to flip my ladies to flower! Can't wait!

    You should top early bro I had some great results so far topping earlier. Makes them a bush of bud sites!
  18. mmm i have trained almost every plant iv grown so far, i prefer Lst to top or fim. i may let 2 of these go naturaly and see results. I have some buds going right now from old clones of a random strain got about 3 weeks left to harvest also :D

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