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  1. What's good, Grassicty?
    So now that I am out of college and working I have found meeting girls to be a lot more challenging. I work with people twice my age, who have kids and share very little of the same interests as me. With that said, I recently took a girl out I met at a cafe. We met up for a drink and then went bowling. Long story short, we both had a good time and agreed we should do it again.
    I'm a little lost as far as ideas for the second date. Any suggestions?
    I would prefer it be an activity date. I'm leaning towards putt-putt golf, going to the nickel arcade or even just going to the park and throwing a frisbee around. Not to think ahead but I usually leave the third date for more of a traditional dinner and movie so rule that out.
    Any help is appreciated. 

  2. I have a few ideas

    1. Invite her to your bedroom. 
    2. Invite her to get high with you. Couples that blaze together, stay together.
    3. Invite her to an orgy. It's good so you can see whether or not she's a team player.
    4. Invite her to play putt-putt or frisbee, depending on which you would prefer. The mini golf gives you the ability to compete against each other and be flirty, but the frisbee gives you a chance to just have a nice conversation. Maybe get some ice cream after either of those things since they don't really take much time. Unless she's fat, then do not encourage her to eat any ice cream.
    I hope these ideas helped you
  3. Mini Golf is great
  4. Clothes shopping and steak dinner.

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